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12 Best Resume Templates To Download and Start Sending Out Today

12 best resume templates

Starting with a blank page is always intimidating.

You stare at that blinking cursor without a single good thought racing through your brain. And then the pressure builds up as you keep thinking that this is not some essay you need to write, but an entire resume – a document that can make or break your career!

So let’s take some load off your shoulders.

We may not be able to tell you what to write, but we’ll show you how to present those words in an attractive wrapper.

Even professional resume writers use templates (but shhh!). Why? Because when you already know some proven formulas and formats, you should be sticking to what works. An eight-wheel bike may impress someone. Will it actually get you anywhere fast? Unlikely. And so it is with resume templates.

Out-of-the-box resumes may gain some traction with certain employers. But most will just brush them off because they are too weird or distractive.

So stick with the best resume templates, which proved to deliver time and again. We have exactly 12 twelve excellent “candidates” line up for screening — all meticulously crafted by the Freesumes team.

1. The Modern Clean

free modern clean resume template

A professional resume template and an instant popular with young professionals. The Modern Clean is equally easy-to-skim and delightful to read, thanks to the selection of fonts and colors. So whether it lands with a busy HR manager or a detail-oriented CEO, it is bound to help you make a positive first impression.

The Features

  • Clean, modern and subtle design. This resume template doesn’t “scream”, but rather “tells” your personal story in a delightful manner.
  • Excellent for recent graduates and those changing careers. Use left-column space to tell about your objectives, skills and aspirations.
  • A free Microsoft Word resume template that you can customize in a few clicks.

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2. Chili Pepper

chili pepper resume design

If you are the go-getter and like to stand out from the crowd, consider this creative resume template. It’s bold. It’s “loud”. And it “speaks up” about you as a strong candidate. So will you dare to add a bit of “spice” to that boring application of yours?

The Features

  • Contrast shades and design elements command instant attention to key sections.
  • Optimized line spacing and margins for pleasant reading experience on different screens.
  • Strong, persuasive and unique template for confident applicants.
  • Available as Microsoft Word file.

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3. The Minimalist

the minimalist resume template

For those looking for a traditional resume template that still makes a bold impression, we present The Minimalist – a no-nonsense, professional and persuasive template to impress corporate employers.  That pop of red places the key information in the spotlight, while still being “a pass” with corporate employers.

The Features:

  • Simple and standardized design that should bypass an ATS automatic screening system.
  • Can be customized to include a punchy resume objective statement or less formal personal introduction.
  • Available for instant download, editable with Microsoft Word.

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Wait, But Why Do I Need a Pack?

You can always choose to download our free one-page resume templates. Or receive something extra for just a few bucks. The premium bundle includes, in addition to this template, a two-page version, a matching cover letter template and an interview tracker file.

Should you go all matchy-matchy with your application? Yes, if …

  • You want your application to be memorable. A coordinated resume + cover letter will stand out among the pile of others. Show that you have a signature style and command more attention.
  • You don’t want to look amateurish. So your entire career history does not fit on one page (the length of our free resume templates) . Do you want to spend hours trying to figure out how to create the second page in the same style, so that your resume doesn’t look all botched? Right, leave the design part to us.

A persuasive resume template increases your chance for landing a dream job. A combo pack multiplies that chance. So it’s your call!

4. The Intelligent Applicant

the intelligent applicant resume

You say “wallflower”. We say “silent power”. This template is seemingly calm and neutral. But don’t be misled — it is one of the best resume templates for a reason and does the trick well. You don’t always need to dazzle with bling for when you want to strike someone. Make elegance your signature strength and impress with your skills and a compelling career narrative.

The Features:

  • Excellent choice for those in a creative industry.
  • The template oozes professionalism and confidence.
  • Prominent “Skills” section highlights your core experiences.
  • Subtle and robust, an ideal resume to impress employers with a matching brand positioning and philosophy.

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5. Sweet Summer

sweet summer resume

Did you know that 13% of the world’s top brands use gold color in their logo? It represents an element of charm, friendliness and treasure – some attractive qualities you can project as an applicant too. And that’s exactly why we love Sweet Summer resume template. It’s a perfect example of when a pop of color still looks professional.

The Features:

  • Creative resume template that wastes no space on nonsense.
  • Easy-to-customize for a variety of career niches.
  • Offers plenty of room for a substantial career summary or less formal bio.
  • Equally popular with traditional employment seekers and freelancers.

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6. Contrast Resume Template

fill in resume design

Sometimes a brash resume template is just what you need to get closer to landing that job. You may hate to “sell yourself”. So let this template do the hardcore pitch for you so that you can relax and have a nice chit-chat during the interview. Spice it up with power words and you all set up for success.

The Features:

  • Minimalistic design that does not draw away attention from the critical information.
  • Perfect both for corporate positions and creative openings.
  • A “popular” with executives and those seeking a leading role in the new company.
  • Simple customization in Microsoft Word.

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7. Rose Gold

rose gold resume design

Some may find pink color too soothing. But that’s a good thing if you want to appear is a caring and nurturing personality ready to take care of others in the company. A delicate template that will both communicate your soft skills and undeniable professional expertise in other areas.

The Features:

  • A clean resume template. Just fill it in with your information and start sending it to employers.
  • Sophisticated, eye-catching and easy-to-read.
  • Follows a chronological resume format.
  • Customize it in Word if a few clicks.

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8. The Clean Headshot

clean headshot professional resume

You screw up the colors in your resume – you screw up your application. But that doesn’t mean that colors are absolutely off-limits.

See how The Clean Headshot template uses warm hues of gold and a mix of gray shades to draw attention to different sections? These pops of colors add more interest without compromising the professional look of your resume. And that’s why we call this template a “winner”.

The Features

  • Suitable for any niche and company type. This template is classy but doesn’t go over the top to alienate certain employers.
  • Recent grads can compensate the lack of vast experience by writing a compelling “Profile” section, while seasoned pros can choose to replace with a career objective statement.

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9. Plain But Trendy

plain but trendy resume design

Want to play it by the “corporate book” without filing another ho-hum resume – the one resembling every other document on the decision-maker’s table? Get the Plain But Trendy template. By no means dull or trivial, it will position you as a confident, experienced applicant who doesn’t like to waste time and talks business.

Wondering why there’s no photo? Well, some corporate employers are often “forced” to discard resumes with photos for the sake of not getting accused of any biases. So you are covered just in case.

The Features:

  • A no-frills template that says, “Look, I have what you need as an applicant, so let’s get talking!”
  • Standard resume template that will go through the automatic checks without a hitch.
  • Great option for serious candidates.

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10. Shades of Gray

minimalist cv template

Wondering why you should opt for a simple resume template like this one? Well, simple is about clarity. Think of this style as your elevator pitch – it succinctly communicates who you are and what you have to offer as a candidate.

For when you have strong skills and envy-worthy work experience, choose this minimalistic resume template.

The Features:

  • Clean, easy-to-read fonts and backdrop colors.
  • Styled according to the chronological resume format.
  • Keeps it simple and on-point.

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11. Simple Snapshot

simple snapshot resume template

Don’t “mud waters” with irrelevant information or outdated experience. The Simple Snapshot template makes sure that you present yourself briefly and confidently – like a world-class conference speaker. Those folks don’t blab, they don’t get sidetracked during their intro. And neither should you!

The Features:

  • A standard resume template with a pop of colors to highlight key sections.
  • Fonts optimized for readability.
  • Elegant, professional design, compatible with Microsoft Word.

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12. Smart and Pro

free professional resume

Employers should not be bothered with a lot of mental effort to distill essential information from your resume. Smart and Pro resume template delivers the key facts on the platter. It is yet another seemingly simple template with a lot of potential. Remember, “silent power” often gets you much farther than cringe-worthy career desperation some people mask with bold claims and fancy graphics in their resumes!

The Features

  • A solid choice for those who are just entering or transitioning to the corporate workforce.
  • “Profile” section can be easily styled and customized depending on your needs. Be sure to include clickable links to your social media profiles, and/or portfolio website.
  • Clean, modern resume template that works for different industries.

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Bonus: Even More Resume Templates To Choose From

Don’t think that any of the templates is true “you”. Well, we happen to have some extra options that will speak to your personality and taste. Browse more resume + cover letter bundles. Or take a look at our standalone resume templates for Word.


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