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You could open up Word or some other tool and create yet another boring, linear resume. It’s the safe choice after all. Then your resume will look just like 99% of the other resumes sent out to the employer.

That’s fine if you want a job that 99% of people can do.

What’s that? You don’t want that at all?  You’re a creative professional with loads of talent and experience, you say?

In that case, ditch that boring resume and use our free, creative, resume design template. The geographical design element draws attention to your profile picture. The columns allow you to logically divide your resume for the ideal balance of readability and creativity.

Got a bit of a long career history that you cannot fit into one page? Check out the premium version of this template then! It includes a two-page design, plus some extra bonuses!

This is the kind of resume that hiring managers notice. Combine this with an amazing cover letter, and you will catch the eye of your next employer. You know that making a great first impression is key. This template is the tool you need to make that happen.

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  1. Is it possible to make this a two-page resume? I’ve tried to insert a page, copy and paste, etc. without much luck. I was hoping to not have to individually copy and paste each box, then try to match it up visually. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Thomas, the template has been intentionally designed as a 1 page resume. With that being said you might be able to duplicate the page by making a selection of the entire document (Ctrl + A), inserting a blank page and pasting the copied elements within it. You might have to select a special paste option to make it work. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much, I shared on Twitter and was able to download. Im having a problem inserting an image inside the circle as there is no option to place the image via format, shape….. Im using word 2016, is this not compatible or am I doing something wrong. Once again thank you very much, these templates are outstanding.

  3. I have solved my previous problem of placing an image but can you explain why exporting loses all the formatting of template? I open with calibre so i can convert to an epub, but the template is just a mess.

    1. Hi Dean, I’m glad to hear that you have figured out how to insert the image. As for the formatting, I’m not sure why you are trying to convert to epub format which is meant for ebook. I would suggest to save your resume in PDF format once you have done editing.

      Feel free to reach out directly via the contact form with any question you may have.


  4. hi how can i put my photo in that circle? evry time i put my photo it is in cube format… sorry for my bad english i hope you will undrestand my

  5. really nıce job, visited so many web sites, but this one is best one to download easily, thank u so much
    sincerely Mr,Max

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