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How to Make Your CV Stand Out?

Make your CV stand out by emphasizing your unique strengths that relate directly to the role you’re after. Describe your skillsets, achievements, and personal traits. The reader should easily picture you in the driving seat. A clean, visually appealing design also helps you make a stronger first impression.

How Do I Make a PDF CV Free?

Try Freesumes online CV maker — a 100% free tool that helps you generate a PDF CV version in six easy steps. It offers a range of free professional CV templates and step-by-step instructions for completing each section.

How Many Pages Should a CV Be?

The standard length of a CV is one page. A two-page CV is acceptable for more experienced candidates e.g., someone with 10+ years in the workforce. Prioritize the quality and relevance of the information over the CV length.

Should a CV Have a Personal or Work Address?

Typically, listing a work address is preferable as it demonstrates your commitment to transparency. That said, most applicants these days don’t include any address details at all, just up-to-date contact information — email, phone number, and LinkedIn. 

What Makes a CV More Attractive?

Three elements make a CV more attractive. The first is a clean layout: healthy margins, professional fonts, and well-sized sections. The second is concise yet impactful language, which clearly describes your skillset. Finally, highlight quantifiable achievements to make your application stand out among others.

What is the Best Font For a CV?

Use a professional typeface like Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri. These are sans serif fonts, which boast higher readability and have a timeless appeal. Serif fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, or Garamond are also good choices. Just make sure not to mix more than two fonts in a CV or else it will look sloppy.

Do employers like CV templates?

Employers appreciate a well-designed CV and they don’t care whether you used a template or not. It’s the content presentation that matters. A good CV comes with a clear structure, which separates the main areas (summary, work experience, education) and makes the most important details visible — your skills, years of experience, employment details, etc. In that sense, professional CV templates are preferred because they enable better content presentation.