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“I have no idea where to begin with CV writing. I put words on paper, but the end result looks underwhelming and clunky.” Sounds familiar?


You know your industry chops, but you are not a wordsmith. Or you are good with writing about everything…but yourself. That’s fine because writing a CV is a skill, but one you can learn fast.


The key to writing a good CV fast is following a proven structure. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you just need to understand how to best format and structure your career history.


We teach you just that via examples.


After browsing our big collection of CV samples, you’ll learn:


– What to put in a CV header

– How to best organize your work experience

– Where your skills and education should go


Develop a complete workflow for crafting a persuasive CV in a matter of hours, not days!

Most CVs sound like they were written by an amateur, who knows nothing about your line of work. That’s not us. All CV samples on Freesumes are created with the specific job position in mind, vetted by an expert team of career consultants, certified CV writers, and former HR executives.

Good CV Examples for the First Job

Showcase your potential to a future employer (even if you lack proper industry experience) using our beginner-friendly CV examples and bonus tips.

Medical CV Examples

Accelerate your career trajectory and secure a competitive healthcare job by using these CV examples as a reference for writing. 

Management & Executives CV Examples

Present your long track record of achievements, significant business acumen, and leadership skills in the best way possible. 

IT CV Examples

Impress the decision-makers with your in-depth technical skills and wider understanding of the business contexts without buzzwords or jargon. 

Academia and Teaching CV Examples

Get a coveted position in the education industry by impressive hiring managers with your substantial research experience, hard and soft skills.

Sales & Retail CV Examples

Turn your CV into a solid sales pitch by using expert tips and techniques our team employed for writing retail CVs. 

Marketing & Creative CV Examples

Promote yourself like one of your best-performing projects by following a proven blueprint for creative CV writing. 

Professional Services CV Examples

Make a strong case for hiring you as a full-time, part-time, or contract-based employee by presenting a strong project portfolio. 

Hospitality & Customer Service CV Examples

Negotiate better employment terms with a CV that expertly showcases your soft skills and customer-oriented personality. 

Administrative CV Examples

Kickstart your corporate career by crafting a compelling CV that sets you apart from other job applicants (even in competitive positions!). 

Engineering CV Examples

Show your in-depth engineering skill set and soft skills in a clear, coherent, and convincing manner to snatch that interview. 

Finance CV Examples

Explain how your proficiency with numbers translates to valuable business outputs by spotlighting your biggest accomplishments. 

CV Personal Statement Examples

Great CVs examples include a succinct personal statement in the header area. Its goal: intrigue the reader with your core competencies and prompt them to read further.

CV Personal Statement Example For Recent Graduate

“2022 Graduate in Business Administration with MA from Southampton University. Result-driven strategic thinker with a background in retail, medical sales, and advertising (3+ years). Past internships with Barclays and Deloitte.”

CV Personal Statement Example For Teacher

“French language and Literature Teacher, experienced in L2 acquisition among adults, as well as teaching students with learning disabilities. Previously worked in both private and public educational establishments in France, Canada, and Vietnam.” 

CV Personal Statement Example For Managers

“Certified Agile project manager & Scrum Master. 10+ years in the IT industry. Successfully led enterprise-sized projects in finance, healthcare, and ecommerce industries with 95% on-time delivery rate.” 

CV Profile Examples

Wondering how to create a resonant CV profile? Use the examples below to tickle your creativity. 

CV Profile Example for Sales Manager

sales manager cv profile

CV Profile Example for Sales Manager

CV Layout Examples: Decoding CV Formatting

Wondering how to best design your CV? Try out one of our free CV templates, designed with the optimal layout in mind. 

FAQs about CV Writing

Got more questions about writing a CV? We have answers!

What are the 5 main things your CV should include?

A good CV has to include five sections:


1. Prominent header area with contact details and professional title 

2. Compelling personal statement, summarizing your skill set 

3. Well-formated work experience section, customized to each job 

4. Education and certification section, explaining your top credentials 

5. Featured skill sections with your most marketable skills on display

What do employers look for in a CV?

When analyzing a CV, employers want to immediately understand how your skills will help them achieve specific outcomes. For example, close gaps in capacity, improve customer service levels or bring new products to the market. Employers want a clear snapshot of your professional skills and past achievements. 

How do you describe yourself in a CV example?

To describe yourself in a CV, use “first-person implied” — write from an “I” perspective, but omit the pronoun. For example, a sales manager can describe themselves as a “Result-driven negotiator with 5+ years of experience in B2C retail sales (fashion, FMCG). Top 15% percentile among all Pinko managers by annual results.”

What skills should I put on my CV?

You should put a combo of hard and soft skills on your CV. If you make a featured skills section, reserve about 75% for hard skills, relevant to your profession. Then include another 25% of relevant soft skills — such as interpersonal, leadership, or managerial abilities. 

How do I describe my skills on my CV?

The two best ways to describe your soft skills on a resume are:


1. Create a featured skills section in the sidebar to showcase your most markable skills. 

2. Contextualize other skills by describing your duties and accomplishments in the work experience section. 

How can I make my CV impressive?

The easiest way to make your CV impressive is by phrasing most of your duties as accomplishments on concrete results. Instead of stating that you “led a design team of 5 people”, say that “Under your management, a design team won an industry award”. Paint a picture of the results you can achieve for the employer. 

What do I write at the top of my CV?

Reserve the top area of your resume for your name, contact details, and professional title. Underneath them, you can also include a personal statement, detailing who you are and what you can bring to the table. Style it as a punchy elevator pitch with a summary of your skills and some recent accomplishment. 

How do you introduce yourself in a CV?

You can introduce yourself in a CV by writing a short, snappy CV profile — a blurb, summarizing your past work experiences, main skills, and biggest career achievements. Conclude it with a lead-in to the next section — your work experience.