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At Freesumes we operate by the principle — amazing content, on the house.

Over the years, we published 180+ free resume templates, over 100 data-backed resume writing and job search guides, a comics series to help keep your spirits high, and now we have moved into video. Check out our regularly updated collection of video content, featuring practical advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and job search.

Narrated by Debi Douma-Herren

Get educated in 5 minutes or less on job search best practice by a veteran HR executive, former recruiter, and independent career consultant & coach Debi Douma-Herren, founder of Insight HR and Coaching Solutions and member of the Freesumes team.


Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), Debi has spent the past 17 years helping companies in the private and public sector recruit and retain the best talent. Now, she coaches job seekers on what top employers look for in candidates and shares some of her best tips for free with our readers.

Resume writing and cover letters

Yes you too can churn out a compelling resume and a custom cover letter. We’ll show how!

resume cv portfolio video
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Resume vs CV vs Portfolio: What are the Differences?

So many options! What do you pick and when? The HR lingo finally explained.

video explaining how to beat the ATS
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Applicant Tracking System: How To Get Past It | Resume Keyword Optimization

Make your resume whizz past the ATS software, straight to the recruiter’s inbox.

hard and soft skills on resume
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Hard vs Soft Skills | Which Matter Most? The Answer May Surprise You

Hard skills and soft skills — both denote our wide range of expertise. But which group helps you land the job?

one-page resume video
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One-Page Resume: How to fit EVERYTHING into Single Page

Yes, you can fit 5+ years of experience in a 1-page resume. This video shows how.

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How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume (Tips to Tackle Employment Gaps)

Learn how to draw attention to your strengths instead of temp gaps in employment.

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Should You Write A Cover Letter If It Is Optional? | Optional Cover Letter

No, a cover letter is never optional. Here’s why.

format and layout video
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How To Design Your Resume: Format and Layout Tips

Learn how to create an effective one-page resume design in 4 minutes.

video about writing a cover letter
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How to Write a Cover Letter that Gets you the Job

Your easy-to-replicate framework for writing a winning cover letter for every job application.

Interviewing 101

Sweaty palms and choked responses no more! Get great at interviewing with our video interview tips and tricks!

video explaining how to nail the tell me about yourself question
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“Tell Me About Yourself”: How To Nail This Interview Question

Here’s exactly what you should tell to make the best first impression.

how to calm anxiety before job interview
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How to Calm Your Pre-Interview Nerves & Anxiety

Try these data-backed tips to instantly get calmer during your next job interview.

job interview body language video guide
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The 5 Body Language Tips You Wish You Knew Before a Job Interview

Bet you didn’t know about one pose that will instantly make you look more motivated.

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What Makes You Unique? How to Answer This Common Interview Question

Talk about your unique strengths and abilities with confidence.

how to dress for a job interview
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How to Dress for an Interview: Quick Tips for Men & Women

Dress for interview success with a brief lowdown on attire dos and don’ts.

how to end a job interview tutorial
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How to End an Interview: Here’s What To Say to Make a Good Impression

Make a mark before leaving the room to increase your chances of getting a callback!

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10 Interview Tips for 2021 (Based on Research)!

The job interviewing advice you wish you’d knew earlier!

why do you want to work here video guide
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Why Do You Want to Work Here? — Nail Your Interview Answer

Don’t get stomped on this popular interview question with our quick tips!

how to negotiate salary video guide
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How to Negotiate a Salary During Job Interview

Learn how to navigate the money talks during interviews to walk away with the best offer!

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Interview Buzzwords: Words to Say and Drop in an Interview

Want to land that job? Here are the words to add and drop during the next interview.

Non-Nonsense Job Search Tips

Find the job you love in a company that appreciates you with our sound-bite tips!

how to write your Linkedin profile summary
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LinkedIn Profile Summary: Tips & Tricks for 2021

Make your profile pop atop recruiters’ search results with these actionable LinkedIn tweaks.

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Graduate Career Advice: 7 Tips from a Veteran HR and Career Coach

Find and highlight your most marketable skills and get the most out of your job search.

how to write an interview follow up email
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How to Write a Follow-Up Email After Interview | Why Interview Follow-Ups are Important

Good things happen to candidates who follow up regularly on recruiters!

how to find entry-level jobs
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Entry-Level Job Search 101: How to Find an Entry-Level Job That Pays Well

Not all entry-level jobs suck. Here’s how to find the crème de la crème.