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Welcome to the Freesumes Resource Center!  Here we have listed essential resources, services and helpful information that we think can assist you with all aspects of creating a professional resume and hunting for a new job.

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through the link, we earn a small commission which comes at no extra cost for you.  We have tested most of these services ourselves and we only make recommendations that we are completely happy to stand behind. We urge you only to buy if you feel that the products or services are the right thing for you.

For a Perfect Resume

resume templates
FREE RESUME TEMPLATES Handy place to grab the resume design that is right for you. An ever-growing collection of over 150 free resume templates editable in MS Word along with useful tips to help you find one that suits your needs and your style.
premium resume packs
PREMIUM PACKS Find our creative resume template packs that allow you to create the perfect resume with minimal work and in the style that is best suited to your industry.
resume example library
FREE RESUME EXAMPLES Browse a bunch of fine-written resume samples for a variety of job niches and experience levels. All spiced up by actionable resume writing tips from certified CPRWs.
POWERFUL WORDS TO USE IN YOUR RESUME Some words are more powerful than others and knowing what they are and how to use them in your CV can help move it to the top of the pile.
resume examples library
REAL-LIFE RESUME EXAMPLES LIBRARYProbably the largest database of real resume examples on the internet. Resumes written by real people who scored their dream job at the world’s top companies like Apple, Google, or Nike.

For an Outstanding Cover Letter

resume example library
COVER LETTER SAMPLES A huge collection of cover letter samples to ‘seal the deal’, with bonus writing tips and templates to swap. Get your cover written 2X times faster and better.
Cover Letter Ninjas
COVER LETTER NINJAS Cover letter examples that cut straight to the chase
Write your winning cover letter faster by referring to the best-of-breed cover letter examples from different industries. Benefit from expert tips from certified сover letter writers and HR pros.
  • GrammarlyInstant Cover Letter Proofreading
    Remember Grammarly? They also offer an instant grammar and spelling checker on their website to have your cover letter proofread so there are no little mistakes hiding in that content.
  • How to Write a Killer Cover Letter
    Get top tips on how to write the perfect cover letter to make sure your resume gets to be seen by the right person every time.
  • The Optional Cover Letter Question
    What should you do when faced with the ‘cover letter optional’ situation when applying for a job? Find the answer here and be prepared for this vague situation.

For a Successful Job Search

To Prepare For Your Interview

  • Most Common Interview Questions
    No-one knows exactly what will come up at an interview but here are 14 common questions and some tips on how to answer them.
  • Weird Interview Questions And How To Answer Them
    Quirky and unusual interview questions are all the rage especially among some of the huge companies but what kind of things might you face at a modern job interview?
  • 14 Research-Backed Interview Tips
    Being smart, articulate and professional is important but are there other ways to stand out a job interview and put yourself ahead of the competition?
  • So, Tell Me, What’s Your Dream Job?
    The dreaded interview question that leaves you baffled – do you say the job you are applying for? The interviewer’s job? Here are some tips to handle this most confusing questions.