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Our Mission

Job search is already complicated.

But it should not require you to master a new skill – graphic design (unless you do want to break into graphic design of course!).

So we are doing that part for you. For free.

Why? Because, at Freesumes we believe that everyone should have an equal chance of landing a dream job – whether they have the money to spare on premium resume design services or not!

  • You deserve to have a career that pays your bills and allows you to stash away something extra to enjoy the good life – vacations, fine food and lots of puppy cuddles.
  • You have the inherent skills and talents to do a few things great – and presenting that expertise of yours should not be a hassle!
  • You don’t have to struggle with the pesky applicant tracking systems and all the corporate formalities to build a case for yourself as a candidate.

We can’t make you a better, or more experienced applicant. Or put the right words into your mouth during the job interview… oh wait, maybe we can : )

But we can give you free access to on-point, actionable career advice on our blog and a huge database of free resume templates to pick and choose.

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More About

Freesumes started as a simple one-man side project in 2016 with one commitment in mind – publish one no-fluff career post per week + one free resume template available for personal use. As simple as that.

In two years, Freesumes exploded and grew into a one-stop shop for all-things job search, attracting over 100,000 monthly visitors (Still can’t believe we did that!).

Our free resume templates were downloaded over 300,000 times and took the applicants closer to landing the jobs they deserve! They also received a few nice words from a bunch of other publishers including Hubspot, Skillcrush, Template Monster, Business Tutsplus, Lifehack and a bunch of others.

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But our mission has never changed: We are still here to help you find the right resume design for you and put your career search to an end, faster!

So, Who’s In The Driver’s Seat? is the brainchild of Hertzel Betito – a digital product designer and developer with nearly a decade of graphic design experience.

Before going full-time with Freesumes, I ran a series of smaller projects all geared towards helping people figure out what to do with their career next. Because we all know that “ghosting” and rejection from employers sting and the job search can drag on and on… making you even more self-conscious.

So everyone needs a support community. I have launched this website to make job search simpler and less miserable.

What can you expect here?

  • A selection of modern resume templates available for free (with new ones added weekly!). For personal use only.
  • Over 100 posts covering the ABC of resume writing, doing interviews and finding great job openings.
  • A collection of premium resume bundles, featuring a matching cover letter + additional freebies.

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