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The Minimalist – Complete Resume Pack

complete resume set the minimalist

Get yourself a professionally designed resume template and showcase your skills and experiences in a clever way. Download this premium pack and make your documents instantly more noticeable.

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The pack is available for instant download after purchase.

Customization process

  • Extract the files from the ZIP file using your favorite ZIP extractor (such as Winrar, Winzip…)
  • Install fonts listed in the documentation if necessary
  • Open and edit the .DOC files with your own content
  • Once done editing, it is recommended to save the file as PDF


  1. Thank you to the Freesumes team! I purchased the The Minimalist Complete Resume Pack with the plan of adding a third page. Unfortunately, it was not possible to add a third page to the template. I left a comment and immediately received an email from the team with a three page template. Freesumes customer service was outstanding and they went above and beyond assisting me with my issue. I thought they would provide me with instructions to add an additional page – but they took care of everything for me! I am very pleased with my resume – it looks awesome!

    1. Hi John, these icons are in fact a font called FontAwesome. You will need to download and install the font before opening the template otherwise Microsoft Word will replace the icons with your default system font.
      The fonts used in the templates are listed in the documentation included in the pack.
      For your convenience, you can find and download the icon font here:


  2. Bought the Minimalist Complete Pack. Downloaded the fonts, downloaded the icons. Still looks funky… Unfortunately I also use a (Cr)apple mac.

    1. Hi Teun, thank you for your purchase and for reaching out.

      FYI, the template works well on Mac as well. No matter what the OS is, the fonts must be installed before opening the template.
      I would recommend to download the template again and start working on a fresh copy. If this solution still doesn’t work for you, open the template and make sure that the current font in the font selector is indeed FontAwesome (for the icons) before pasting the icon from the ‘Cheatsheet’ you can find here:

      Feel free to reach out directly via the contact form if you have questions.

      Kind regards

    1. Hi Isaac,

      Thank you for reaching out. The price is for one premium resume pack which includes 1-page resume template, a 2-page version, a matching cover letter and a PDF interview tracker.

      Kind regards

  3. JUST USED THIS (jan 2019) …. GO TO THE OLD font AWESOME PAGE to get the icons for free!!!!! and download and install the desktop version…..then in zip ….go to FONT (folder) and install “FontAwesome.otf”. and the icons will work PERFECTLY!!!

  4. After installing Font Awesome on Mac I had to select each icon in turn and set it to font: Font Awesome 5 Free > Font Awesome 5 Free. Then they rendered OK.
    I would have to say, if you are buying this pack for a “quick win” and are not handy in Word you might be disappointed. Aside from font installations which will be new to many, I experienced some peculiar behaviours in terms of indents in the text boxes. I *am* quite handy in Word but still had to resort to copying correctly-formatted text boxes and then re-keying the text from incorrectly-formatted ones. Anyway, all’s well that ends well – I got there in the end and it looks smart.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about the frustrating experience, we definitely value your feedback.

      We do our best to craft attracting resumes that are both well-designed and easy to edit. Custom fonts are a key element in our templates.
      After all, what is the point of a resume design if we keep the default basic system fonts?
      Please note that the icons, as well as the other font, should be downloaded and installed before opening the template as explained in the documentation; otherwise, the font will need to be manually selected for each icon again as you have mentioned.

      As for the formatting, if you copy text from another document and paste it into the template, it will inherit the styling from the source by default, you have to choose “Merge Formatting” while pasting, but this is how Word works not something specific to our templates.

      I hope this helps, feel free to contact us directly via the contact page with any question you may have.

      Kind regards

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