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How Many Bullet Points Per Job on a Resume is Enough?

bullet points per job on a resume

When writing a resume, one of your main goals is to communicate with clarity. 

Even if skimming, the reader should clearly understand your main areas of expertise and competitive strengths as a job candidate. 

The best way to format your resume for readability is by using bullet points, especially for the work history section. Bullet points add structure to your writing and make it easier for the reader to find the information they need.

But the big question is: how many bullet points per job should you put? Especially, when you need to make a one-page resume. Here’s our take! 

How Many Bullet Points Per Job on a Resume is Enough?

Three to five bullet points per entry on your resume is ideal. If you haven’t held many jobs, however, you can increase that number to six or seven short ones. At the same time, add three bullet points max if you have a long career history. Remember: you want to show your range of skills and experience without being repetitive.

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Bullet Points For a Resume

Now that you know your target number, it’s time to get things cracking.

The secret to writing great resume winning points is simple: bring up one important piece of information at a time. Don’t try to mesh together two different duties or unrelated accomplishments. 

This will confuse the reader. Instead, build short, logical strings of related activities you did. 

Here’s how to create compelling bullet points for a resume:

  1. The first bullet point should give a comprehensive look at your role.
  2. Subsequent bullet points have to elaborate on your duties, skills, accomplishments. 
  3. Start each bullet point with strong verbs. These include: managed, scheduled, delivered, etc.
  4. Use numbers to prove “bragging rights” and add extra context.
  5. Keep each bullet point at one line (two lines max). Or else bullet points become paragraphs.
  6. Stick to points that are relevant to the job you are pursuing. Trim any unrelated duties or generic “filler” statements. 

Do I Put Periods After Bullet Points in a Resume?

This depends on your sentence structure. Don’t use periods if your bullet point consists of a simple, singular statement. Use periods and other punctuation if your bullet point contains multiple sentences.

Is It Okay to Have Sub-Bullets on a Resume?

Yes, you can use sub-bullets, but do so only very sparingly. These should be used only in rare instances. For example, if you wanted to put a publication name and title on an academic job entry on a CV.

3 Winning Resume Bullet Points Examples

Now let’s move from theory to practice. Below is a set of sample resume bullet points you can use as a reference when writing your resume.

Bullet Examples For a Manager Resume

Market manager 
Luxury brand 

  • Spearheaded a marketing strategy that doubled brand recognition among Hispanic consumers
  • Increased sales of luxury items in housewares by more than ⅓ 
  • Implemented policy changes that reduced employee turnover by 25%

Being a manager is all about getting exceptional outcomes. So a good resume for managers has to show what you’ve accomplished, rather than the duties you’ve performed. Using data can make your entries more impactful. But if you can’t provide exact figures, contextualize them via examples or do some cheeky name-dropping.  

For example: 

  • Executed a successful go-to-market strategy for Spain, Italy, and Germany 
  • Ensured positive brand coverage by Business of Fashion, Vogue, Grazia. 

Bullet Examples for a Peace Corps Resume

Community leader 
Environment protection center 

  • Designed community education programs
  • Led a soil-testing initiative to improve local agriculture outcomes
  • Provided advocacy and support for migrant workers

In the case of a Peace Corps resume, you are trying to get through a very precise job application process, where your ability to follow instructions means a lot. If the instruction says you need to submit a one-page resume, you may need to trim some of your entries. 

Also, consider the Peace Corps position you are pursuing. Your resume bullet points should highlight your core competencies and the type of transferable skills you can bring to the table. 

Bullet Examples for a Medical Biller Resume

NY State Hospital
Medical biller 

  • Audited office procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Encoded billing entries with the appropriate diagnostic and service codes
  • Achieved a 95% or higher accuracy rating on medical certification audits

A medical biller resume should show that you have all the necessary credentials, pay excellent attention to detail, and are familiar with all applicable regulations.

For a job like this, consider adding any certifications you have as bullet points as well.

For even more sample work experience entries, check our collection of resume examples, curated by industry and role type. 

Final Thoughts

The easier it is to read your resume, the more prominent your most important information appears. An editable resume template can help make the key sections more noticeable and your document easily skimmable.

Bullet points are an easy formatting trick you can use to make your resume “easier on the eye”, but not “lighter in substance”. 

The best part is that you can use bullet points in various parts of your resume – work experience section, education, featured skills – to make the important bits pop!


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