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Grigie – Fresh Modern Resume Template with Photo

Grigie resume template for Google docs

Green color – what does it make you think of? Freshness, harmony, growth, calmness – those are all nice feelings and associations, right?  So how about conveying them within your resume by choosing our new Google docs resume template called Grigie!

Grigie is a professional resume template, designed to maximize the amount of space you have for featuring all your key information without spilling over into the second page!

  • Header – use it to add your contact information, links to professional social media accounts such as LinkedIn, your portfolio/website URL. Also, you have some extra space for a quick tagline if you wish to add one.
  • Sidebar – thanks to the vertical splint, you have some extra room to place your core technical skills into the limelight, plus toss in some extra information about your personality, career goals, and objectives into the respective upper area.
  • Main section – the Work Experience and Education sections both have ample space for featuring your achievements, extra skills, and credentials. Pack it with the most relevant, persuasive, and data-backed information!

Thrilled to try it out? Great! Click the button below to start your download.

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Note: you will be prompted to make a copy of the document to edit it. You will find a license notice (below the template). Don’t forget to remove the text after reading it.


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