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Limita – Light Professional Resume Template for Google Docs

Limita Google docs resume template

How far can you go with your career? As far as you need if you have a good companion for the trip. And that should be Limita – our new signature resume template for Google docs! Why pick this simple resume design?

For starters, don’t get duped by its hushed tones and clean lines. Limita may seem modest, but it does pack a punch into your job application with several features:

  • Strategic sidebar:  Use the spacious side-bar area to write a personal introduction or a quick resume summary, optimized around the keywords you’ve mined from the job post.
  • Photo: Pitching for a federal job or another company that does not encourage photos? Fret not! You can remove the pic in one click and use the extra space to add a personal branding statement or professional tagline.
  • Spacious Work Experience section: Look, you have a nearly full-page area to line up all your professional details. But don’t waste it on spelling out your duties. Instead, focus on highlighting your main accomplishments.

This professional resume template is an excellent choice for experienced candidates, aiming at mid-to-exec level positions. So give it a test-drive by getting your free copy below!

Open in Google Docs

Note: you will be prompted to make a copy of the document to edit it. You will find a license notice (below the template). Don’t forget to remove the text after reading it.


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