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Roseada – Feminine Minimalistic Google Docs Resume Template

Roseada Google docs resume template

Our brain needs less than 3 seconds to form an impression of a visual that it sees. So what will be the first thing your resume will ‘tell’ a potential employer? If you are using the Roseada resume template, the first thing they’ll learn is that you have good taste and mild, feminine nature – a major asset for creative, hospitality, and customer-facing roles!

Roseada is a creative resume template that is optimized to communicate all the key information without being too bold or ‘taxing’ for the brain. The neutral color palette of pink and off-white is pleasant to the eye and makes the reading experience oh-so-delightful. The highlighted sidebar area draws extra attention to the information you’ll decide to feature – the key skills an employer is looking for, a quick resume objective/career summary, or a list of your main accomplishments. Also, you have an accentuated main area to spell out your work history and education credentials.

Just like other resume templates for Google docs, Roseada is free to use. Claim your free copy below!

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Note: you will be prompted to make a copy of the document to edit it. You will find a license notice (below the template). Don’t forget to remove the text after reading it.


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