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Swipe-Worthy Going Above And Beyond Examples For Your Interview

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If you can show you are willing to go above and beyond your work duties, you will stand out among other applicants. Employers are more interested than ever in finding self-starting employees who are willing to take ownership of problems they encounter, and then solve them. 

But communicating your enthusiasm and strong work ethic in writing is hard enough. This post offers a quick walk-through of how to best exemplify your dedication to the job. 

4 Examples of Going Above And Beyond The Call of Duty at Work to Share During an Interview

Businesses want to know how you have gone above and beyond in the past as well as how you will continue to do so for them. That’s why interview questions about your character and personality are so common. 

If you’re ever asked to demonstrate how you’ll go above and beyond on the job, your best option is to exemplify these with quick job stories, customer cases, or situational replies. 

To help you come up with compelling replies, we’ve included some specific examples for a range of careers.

Example For a Customer Service Representative

Customer experience has become a key differentiator for businesses — and the customer service function plays a major role in it. It’s only reasonable that employers want to hire customer service representatives who are truly willing to do the most for their customers. 

Before your interview, think of one or two examples to present if this question comes up. This is definitely a situation in which a story would be the best option.

Sample Answer: 

“Last year, I received one of these calls with a very complex request. The client were renting our facilities for a very large corporate event in less than two weeks. Now, they realized all of the food and drinks served must be completely allergy safe. 

I understand how important it was to wow this client. They represent millions of dollars in revenue each year. So, I kicked off a coordinated effort with our cooking staff, a local culinary school, and a cleaning company. We were able to provide an allergy-safe environment, and the client has indicated they will increase their future event bookings with us”.

Example For a Receptionist

A receptionist is often the face of the organization. They are the first source of in-person interaction customers and visitors will experience — and as we well know, the first impression is hard to re-do. 

That’s why employers prioritize candidates, who’re committed to consistently excelling in this role. To show that you’re “that type”, give an answer similar to this one:  

“I’m currently working as a receptionist for a large company in a very large building. It’s easy for people who do business with us to feel “like a number”. To balance that, I go out of my way to create a positive, memorable experience. This includes little extras like maintaining a tea and coffee service. However, what I am most proud of is that I take the time to learn the name of each person who comes into the building. That’s true for customers, vendors, or job candidates”.

Example For a Project Manager

Being ahead of time and under budget is ideal for a project manager. So much so that this is an expectation. So, how do you demonstrate that you truly go above and beyond when the bar is set so high? We have an example to show you that doing more than is expected of you can go beyond your core job requirements: 

“As a project manager, my job isn’t just to complete projects as required. I also believe that I am responsible for training and developing workers who have the skills to be able to pivot when the company faces challenges and opportunities. That’s why I created an employee mentorship and training program. This includes assigning project roles to give workers maximum opportunities and ensure a strong, competent  workforce.”

Example For a Retail Worker

If you are a retail worker, the effort you put in has an impact on three groups of people. These are the customers you serve, your coworkers who count on you to do your part, and the business that relies on you to generate revenue. If you are asked what you do to go above and beyond, keep this in mind.

Sample answer:

“ I do my best to go out of my way to set my coworkers up for success during the work day. As floor manager, I adjust my schedule to arrive early each day, start the POS systems, ensure there is receipt tape, and stage the front of the store. This way, when the sales team arrives they are able to focus on customer engagement”.

Even More Examples of Going Above And Beyond at Work

You can (and also should!) also demonstrate your commitment on your resume. Here are a few brief examples of going above and beyond at work for your resume: 

  • For your career history section: “Regularly exceeded sales goals by an average of 15% each quarter”.
  • For the education section: On my own time, I completed training to obtain an OSHA job site safety certification and reduced work accidents by 27%”.
  • For your professional summary: Described in a recent customer review as an employee who regularly gives 110% in assisting them in solving their problems”.

Final Thoughts: Businesses Need a Sense of Ownership

Going above and beyond is a clear sign that you feel a sense of ownership and take initiative. This will help you land the job you want. More importantly, you can use this as a point of negotiation to get the offer you deserve!


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