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Resume Example For a Receptionist to Help Craft Your Winning Job Application

sample resume for a receptionist

A company receptionist performs many key functions. They act as the ‘face’ of the organization. They greet customers who come into the building, provide information, and direct people. They often answer the phone in order to answer questions, set appointments, and meet other needs of potential customers, employees, and associates.

This line of work requires the ability to multitask, communicate, and maintain a friendly demeanor in every situation. Other receptionist duties may include:

  • Signing for and routing packages
  • Operating POS equipment
  • Acting as part of the building security team
  • Scheduling repairs
  • Typing up memos and other in-house communication
  • Maintaining a clean and inviting entryway
  • Ordering supplies and other office management tasks
  • Parking validation

Many receptionist jobs offer a bit of flexibility. This makes them attractive to working parents, students, and others who may be seeking work that is part-time or has minimal overtime. Admin and receptionists jobs are often well-compensated. As such, the field can be a bit competitive. To land the best job, you must begin with an effective resume. Here are a few tips for writing one.

Create a Personal Summary That Communicates Your Value

Use a personal summary that tells hiring managers exactly what you can do for them if they hire you. Don’t focus on what you want. It doesn’t matter if you want flexible hours or opportunities for advancement. Instead, detail what you will do in this position to benefit the company that hires you.

Understand What Companies Value in a Receptionist and Highlight Those Skills

You have to start with an understanding of what each company is looking for in a receptionist. One company may advertise for a receptionist when they really want a combination secretary and office manager. Another may need one with a background relating to facilities management and security. Start with the job listing to learn as much as you can.

Don’t forget to give other resume samples a good read! This way you’ll get even more ideas for writing a stellar application yourself!

Then research the company in question. What do they do? Who is likely to come through the front door as you work? The duties of a receptionist at a bank are going to be different from those of a receptionist at a manufacturing plant. Tailor your resume to show that you understand the requirements of the job and that you can meet them.

Show Your Achievements With Specifics

Avoid making vague statements on your resume. Instead, provide details. For example, if you took a poorly managed scheduling system, and improved it, quantify the results. Don’t write, ‘Improved existing conference room scheduling system’. Say, ‘Worked with facilities management to create a conference room scheduling system that reduced conflicts by 75%’.

List Hard Skills and Demonstrate Soft Skills

A receptionist needs a combination of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are best shown by simply listing the skill, the amount of expertise you have, and any other certifications that go along with that. For example, Microsoft Office 365, 4 Years Experience, Certificate of Proficiency Oct. 2018.

Soft skills can be a bit more complicated. It’s better to demonstrate that you have these skills than it is to say so. To do this, add your soft skills in the context of your work experience. Let’s say that you work exceptionally well under pressure. You can, as an example, demonstrate that by stating that you successfully direct more than 100 incoming guests each day.

Show Attention to Detail With an Accurate And Organized Resume

Because receptionists are responsible for handling many details, and because they are often responsible for written communication, accuracy is key. Make sure that your resume is properly formatted (a resume template may be helpful), that you use impeccable spelling and grammar, and that your entire application package adheres to any instructions given in the job listing.

Receptionist’s Resume Sample (Word version)

resume example for receptionist

Download resume example (.docx)

Resume Example for a Receptionist (text version)

Keira Frontdesk
123 W. Main
Beverly Hills, CA 90201

Front Desk Receptionist/Assistant Office Manager

Experienced front desk receptionist capable of handling all duties relating to a corporate office, bank, or retail establishment with a high volume of daily visitors. Able to handle multi-line telephone support, direct visitors, schedule vendors and maintenance, and ensure that supply inventories are kept at acceptable levels.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Docs
  • Conf. Scheduler 371

Work Experience

Finance Bank – Front Desk Reception and Office Management
June 2015 – Present

Duties: Directed Bank Customers, Assisted Safe Deposit Customers, Maintained Schedule For Conference Rooms, Acted as Point of Contact For Vendors And Contractors, Maintained Appearance of Front Office, Typed up Emails And Other Communications For Branch President And Vice President.

ACE Industries – Building Receptionist and Facilities Assistant
April 2010 – May 2015

Duties: Conference Room Scheduling, Telephone Customer Service, Maintaining Service Requests, Printing Visitor Badges, Providing Information to Incoming Visitors, Purchasing Office And Cleaning Supplies, Coffee Bar Maintenance.


Business Management AAS

Regional Valley Community College, June 2016

Final Thoughts

This sample receptionist resume is brief and on-point. It clearly showcases when the candidate knows how to do. This example is fairly formal, so you may want to add a bit more personality to it if you are applying say to a startup or a creative agency. Finally, do try and experiment with different resume templates to make your job application truly shine.

sample receptionist resume


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