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Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About Yourself? How to Answer This Interview Question

job interview tell more about yourself question

Do you want to tell us anything more about yourself? This question often comes near the end of your interview. But if you feel awkward and find yourself struggling for a response, you are not alone. This common interview question catches many people off guard.

Just remember that this is not a trick question. But your last-ditch opportunity to share your final “selling point”. Use it to show that you are enthusiastic about the job and eager to move forward. Most importantly, sell them on the idea that you are the best possible candidate.

How to Answer “Do You Want to Tell us Anything About You” Question

First, remember that this is usually a parting question. Your answer may be what the interviewer will remember most about you. Next, consider what you might say to show that you will be a great coworker and employee, as well as the best fit for the position. Then, create a balance between giving insight into your work style and showing passion for the job.

Finally, remember that it’s okay to be a bit personal. By revealing your human side, you make a case for being a likable person to work with.

Here are a few tips to help you execute these steps effectively.

Re-Emphasize a Key Skill 

Pick one of your most competitive technical skills or interpersonal skills and circle back to it in your reply. So that the interviewer retained this information better. For example, if you want to emphasize that you have great organizational skills, consider sharing an example of that. 

You might say:

“I’ve developed a reputation at home and the office for being exceptionally organized. In fact, people tease me a bit, because I can immediately recall where the smallest object or file is, on command.”

being organized

Say Thank You and Restate Your Enthusiasm

This is a simple but sincere way to answer this interview question. If you deliver your remarks honestly, this is a great way to end the interview. You’ll leave on a positive note and the interviewer will remember your enthusiasm. 

Thus, if you find yourself feeling stuck, unable to think of something to say, this is a great default answer:

“I just want to thank you for seeing me today. I’m very excited about the advances you are making in bioengineering here and believe that my experience working at the CDC has prepared me very well for a position like this. Would love to move forward to the next step.”

Share a Relevant Success Story

It’s okay to brag a bit as long as it’s relevant to the position. Consider answering the question with a brief success story. For example:

  • Your most recent professional or personal accomplishment
  • How you’ve solved a difficult problem
  • A display of strong leadership skills 

Don’t hesitate to make yourself a hero in your story. 

Try something like this:

“We talked about the importance of having great problem-solving skills. I wanted to share that when my current employer was forced to shut down their offices, there was no way to onboard employees remotely. That was a big issue because we’d just hired more than 50 new staff members. Fortunately, I was able to put together a team of our best HR specialists to create a virtual, onboarding program. Today, the company plans to use that program as a standard.”  

Mention Something You’re Learning Right Now

If you’ve shared everything you can about your skills, experience, and enthusiasm, it may be time to look to the future. Good employers want workers who are intellectually curious and always seeking to develop new skills. 

Think about where this new job might lead, and share something relevant that you are learning right now. For example, you may talk about an online course you are taking or a recent workshop you’ve attended.  

Talk About an Interest or Hobby 

Bringing up a personal hobby makes sense if you know that it aligns well with the brand. For example, saying that you are interested in art theory is a good “selling point” for a designer. 

You can also do some research about the hiring manager and the company leader. See if you have a shared interest or hobby. This is an ideal way of taking the conversation in a friendly, relaxed direction.

Here is a brief sample answer:

“Anyone who follows your company on Facebook understands that you are a real outdoor enthusiast. I’m an avid hiker myself. I noticed that we have both hiked through the Smoky Mountains. I found the trek to be rewarding, but exhausting. What was it like for you?”

To Conclude 

You should know what to say at this point. Now, you should consider what you might want to avoid saying. Stay away from politics. Don’t close by badmouthing your ex-boss. Finally, steer clear of remarks that disclose your religion, relationship status, orientation, or gender identity. Stick with answers that are relevant to the position, and your ability to fill it!


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