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A Project Manager Resume Example That Will Help You Craft Your Best Job Application

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Project management can be an attractive profession as there’s a demand for such professionals in nearly every industry – from construction to software development. No matter which field you choose to specialize in, most employers expect project managers to have the following soft skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, task management, strong negotiation and communication skills.

Also, you’ll have to demonstrate strong hard skills, especially in the software development domain, and show that you are familiar with different project management techniques and tools. Clearly, that’s a lot to pack into a single page. So if you are struggling to organize your resume, below are several actionable tips to help you do just that, followed by a sample project manager resume.

Know When to Use a Personal Statement or an Objective

Should I start my resume with an objective or a personal statement? That’s a common question, and the answer depends on your level of experience. If you are a recent graduate, or otherwise new to project management, you should most likely include an objective. This will briefly highlight why you are applying, and indicate how qualified you are. Resume objectives are shorter and will lead to your skills and education sooner than later.

If you have several years of experience under your belt, consider using a personal statement instead. This blurb will be a bit longer and serve as your “elevator pitch” – a quick summary of the depth and breadth of your experience. Essentially, it is your statement on what you will bring to the table if you are hired for the job.

List Your Most Successful Projects

Hiring managers care more about your accomplishments than your duties. So don’t tell, but show: draw a picture of just how successful a project can be under your command. Add itemized data points, illustrating all the results you’ve attained for your past employer.

For example, if you managed a mobile application development project, be sure to specify how many people you’ve managed, what the project timeline was (and whether you’ve met it), what was the budget and how well did you manage to stay within it.

Inexperienced Project Managers Should Share Relevant Transferable Experience

Of course, if you haven’t worked as a project manager before, you won’t have any projects to mention. That’s okay, you still have something of value to share. In this case, you just need to identify skills and experience that can be “transferred” to a project management role.

For example: 

  • Any experience you have with project management or communication software.
  • Examples of your ‘thinking outside the box’ to solve a problem creatively.
  • Initiatives that you led or organized.
  • Duties that included assisting a project manager.

Showcase Your Certifications

Formal education is certainly important. In fact, most project management positions require a college degree. But it’s not just traditional education that counts. Project management certifications can add you several points with an employer. And in some cases, being certified is an actual job requirement.

The most highly-sought project management certifications are as follows:

Choose a Conservative, But Attractive Resume Template

The best project managers are steady, calm in the face of a crisis, and organized. Your resume should emphasize that kind of vibe. By choosing a professional resume template, you can focus on the content of your resume.

Not only that, but a professionally designed template will be readable, and provide you with the ideal format for displaying your skills and experience.

Resume Sample For a Project Manager (Word Version)

resume example for project manager

Download resume example (.docx)

Project Manager Resume Example (Text Version)

Jorge Kiser
tel: 088 000 0000

Project manager with 4+years of industry experience, leading large scale road construction and commercial construction projects. Average project budget exceeded $50 million, with teams of up to 100 employees and 25 subcontractors.

Professional Experience

California Department of Transportation, Sacramento, CA

Project Manager July 2018 – Present

Project manager of the PCH resurfacing project. Responsible for coordinating all construction teams and subcontractors, and for adhering to the State of California environmental and safety regulations. Completed project with a 20% budget savings and 2 months before the anticipated deadline.

Carlson Commercial Real Estate Development, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Project Manager March 2013 – July 2018

Provided support and project leadership to multiple commercial construction projects with budgets exceeding 10 million dollars each. Assisted in hiring and training project team members. Led sub-projects. Used a variety of project management software packages and methodologies. Communicated project status to a variety of people across the organizational structure. Generated and analyzed reports.


Agile Certification – Project Management Institute March 2019

Earned a certification proving mastery of agile methodologies.

California Construction Safety Management Certification – California Department of Occupational Safety July 2018

Obtained certificate from the state of CA as proof of competency and understanding of construction safety regulations.

University of Northern California, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management, June 2012

Grade Point Average: 3.9

Additional Skills: MS Project, MS Office, AutoCAD, BaseCamp, Trello, Facebook Workplace

Final Thoughts

Before you submit your resume, you absolutely must take a few minutes for proofreading and editing. This is important for all job applicants, but more so for project managers. You are applying for a job where attention to detail is key, and spelling and grammatical errors will diminish that.

sample project manager resume


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