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Project Coordinator Resume Example (with Writing Tips)

project coordinator

If a project manager is the captain of the ship, the project coordinator is the first mate. These relentless professionals take care of administrative tasks to ensure the project stays on the right track — and the people, working on it have all the means to steadily move forward. A project coordinator may assign and organize tasks, communicate with team members, provide essential reporting to keep all stakeholders informed, and resolve various roadblocks. 

This is a challenging position that requires a range of technical and soft skills. At the same time, there is a growing demand for project coordinators. Pay and benefits tend to be above average subsequently. 

To help you secure your next job, we provide a detailed project coordinator resume sample as well as four helpful writing tips.

Resume Sample for a Project Coordinator (Word version)

Here is an excellent working sample for a project coordinator with several years of experience in the tech industry. 

project coordinator resume sample

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Project Coordinator Resume Example (text version)

Professional Summary

Outcome-focused project coordinator with more than five years of experience working on ecommerce product development. This includes taking an active leadership role in several projects with 7+ figure budgets. Skilled at providing both administrative and technical support, and offering support to project participants.


  • Agile and basic SCRUM skills 
  • Office 365, MS Teams, SharePoint
  • JIRA, Asana, Trello, Monday 
  • English/Spanish/Fresh Fluent
  • Exceptional time management
  • Product backlog management and grooming 
  • Strong written and verbal communication Skills
  • Meeting facilitation

Work History

Wolf Pack Outfitters
Project Coordinator
2020 – Present

Accepted position to work as a project coordinator to help lead convert an entirely brick and mortar retail operation to an ecommerce business. Worked alongside a senior project manager to coordinate a development team of five developers and designers to complete the following steps in less than three months:

  • Evaluate and select a SaaS ecommerce platform (Shopify)
  • Provide business analysis and plans development for migration planning 
  • Establish quality standards for project photos, videos, and descriptions
  • Hire graphic designers and photographers for digital content production 
  • Coordinate efforts with the marketing team for content creation including product descriptions
  • Arrange for QA testing of website and mobile app 
  • Lead and coordinate SCRUM meetings
  • Provide detailed reporting throughout the duration of the project

The outcome of the final product launch resulted in the company’s increase in revenue of nearly 30%. 

E-Commerce Automation Associates
Project Coordinator/Liaison
2016 – 2020

Worked as project coordinator and business user liaison for an ecommerce consultancy. Assisted small business owners in creating a profitable ecommerce presence using a variety of proprietary tools as well as access to expert business insights. Acted in a leadership role in more than 15 projects involving conversions to platforms including Amazon FBA, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, and several custom eCommerce websites.

Altoona Public LIbrary
Community Program Coordinator

Employed in a part-time capacity as a program coordinator for a mid-sized public library. Assisted in the development and administration of multiple community programs including:

  • Summer reading initiatives
  • Teen lock-ins
  • Adult Reading clubs
  • Retirement financial planning seminars
  • Library fundraiser
  • Book sales and donation drives

Additionally, provided other support services as required. Worked with other community organizations in the development of programs to benefit the entire community.


Altoona Community College
Project Management And Administration
Associate of Applied Science
June 2016

  • 3.7 GPA
  • MS Project Leadership Award Winner
  • Future e-Commerce Leaders Club Treasurer

Altoona Technical School
High School Diploma/Certificate of Proficiency in Office Applications

Completed an intensive technical high school program leading to a diploma, as well as training in office administration and the use of office technology. Earned dual credits with Altoona CC while attending high school.

4 Actionable Resume Writing Tips for Project Coordinators 

You’ve seen our great sample and it’s an amazing demonstration of what a professional resume should contain. Now, you’ve got to write one that aligns with your abilities and career goals. Here are four tips to help you get started on the right path.

Do It by The Numbers

Based on the resume above, we know the candidate completed a project that led to a 30% revenue increase. They have experience working with project budgets that exceed one million dollars and have helped many small businesses create an ecommerce presence. Those are substantial and impressive accomplishments. Make sure that your resume too provides context and proof to any claims relating to your duties, experiences, and developed knowledge. 

Demonstrate Relevant Skills in Every Position

What if you don’t have much experience in project management? That’s okay. You can simply list relevant skills that you developed in other lines of work. Specifically, you should emphasize your:

…Then top it up with your knowledge of different project management apps and common business communication tools. 

Show Career Growth

The project coordinator is a junior leadership position. Therefore, write your professional history in a way that shows you have taken on more responsibilities and developed your management skills along the way. Present a “growth curve” on your resume to show that you are comfortable with leading people and know how to do it best. 

Final Tip: Act Fast And Wake up Early

You will get the best results from your resume if you send it within a few days of the job listing being published. You’re also a bit more likely to get a response if you send it between 6 and 10 in the morning. There’s no substitute for a great resume, but you should take any advantage you can get!


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