Impactful – a Modern Resume Template

impactful resume template

Who wants a boring linear resume with a white background? Your resume shouldn’t look as if you’ve printed it using WordStar in a high school computer lab. So here’s an alternative for you – our Impactful resume template.

It maximizes the use of color, layout, and design to create a resume that’s perfect for executives, managers, and creatives. This template turns traditional resume design on its ear to create something truly impactful.

So, how does it look? The left area has a rich dark background color and plenty of space for your contact information, education and work experience. On the right, a white column with space for your photo, your profile or personal statement, expertise and skills. To make certain elements stand out, our designers employed pops of royal blue.

To use this modern resume template, simply edit it in MS Word. Feel free to add your own picture, modify the text, even replace the colors with something from your own signature palette.

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