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Great Resume Example For Executives: Learn How to Craft Your Job Application

The process of obtaining a C-Suite position is different from any other. To earn consideration, your qualifications and reputation must be impeccable. You need to understand how to navigate an application process that requires you to exercise discretion while at the same time highlighting your accomplishments. To move forward, your resume must be spot on.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll provide you with helpful tips for writing your executive resume along with a resume example for executives which you can use to write your own CV or resume.

Resume Template For Executives (Word version)

resume template for an executive position

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A Resume Example For Executives (text version)

Charlotte Execute
111 Pine St.
New York, NY 10036


Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer with executive leadership experience seeks a position where I can benefit a small to medium-sized organization with my decade of marketing experience. I am capable of leading marketing teams to high levels of achievement, even in the most competitive ecosystems.

Summary of Accomplishments

  • Spearheaded an initiative to use marketing automation tools that resulted in an increase of advertising and marketing ROI of 11% within 12 months.
  • Led a corporate rebranding effort for a major energy corporation located in the Pacific Northwest. The company increased its market share by 22%.
  • Assisted a pharmaceutical company with reputation management and restoration after a major price-fixing scandal.
  • Created an internship and leadership development program at a major finance corporation that involved partnering with 15 prestigious universities across the United States


Reputation Management, Rebranding, New Product Development, Marketing Automation, Leadership Training, Public Relations, Digital Marketing Management, Event-Based Marketing

Professional Experience
Marketing Consultancy Inc.
Chief Marketing Officer

Dec. 2014 – Present

Duties: Responsible for leading the operations team at a digital marketing agency servicing several accounts at multi-billion dollar corporations. Specialized in assisting businesses that were plagued with reputation issues, or severely depleted sales. Led the corporate marketing initiatives of Marketing Consultancy, Inc. as well as acting as a marketing consultant for the firm’s most prestigious clients.

Pacific Solar
Digital Marketing Manager

August 2010 – Dec. 2014

Duties: Worked with sales and marketing team members to develop an online marketing effort with a budget exceeding 10.5 million dollars. This led to an increase in sales of 33% in a span of 16 months. Also assisted with the implementation of email marketing automation tool.


Stanford University

May 2010

Summa Cum Laude

Dean’s List

University of Michigan
BA Business Management: Emphasis in Marketing
Minor: Public Relations

May 2008

Give Your Leadership Skills Top Priority

Above all else, an executive must be a good leader. They must create policy, enforce it, and provide guidance to an entire organization.

Provide solid examples of your successful leadership efforts in your resume. In addition to this, use power words and phrases throughout the document that people will associate with leadership. These include:

  • Provided Guidance
  • Directed
  • Managed
  • Drove
  • Led
  • Built

A Lengthier Resume is Okay

If you’ve never applied for an executive position, you may be used to editing your resume so it fits on one page. That makes sense for most managerial level, or ‘rank and file’ jobs. However, it’s perfectly acceptable for an executive resume to be two pages long.

Going after a role in a specific niche? Be sure to check additional resume examples from our team.

By creating a longer resume, you give yourself plenty of room to list your accomplishments in detail. This list of accomplishments should focus on your recent work. It should also be customized according to the job for which you are applying. One rule of thumb is to remember that length is fine, but everything you add should be impactful.

Focus on Your Most Recent Experience

Opt for a chronological resume format. Also, consider using bullet points to highlight your ‘not so recent’ experience. Then, go into more detail regarding your recent work history. In any case, it may be a good idea not to go back much further than ten years.

Finally, it’s a matter of relevance. Your most recent experience is what is likely to make you the most qualified for a position today.

List Additional Experience at The End of Your Resume

If you’ve worked for a prestigious organization, or have other relevant experience that doesn’t fit in the work experience section of your resume, add it to the end. You can accomplish this by creating an additional experience section. You can also include work you’ve done as a community leader, or in academics.

Use Percentages and Dollar Signs

Show your audience what you’ve accomplished in detail. Write in terms of numbers. Did you increase sales across your organization? Show that in dollar amounts. Did you help your last organization surpass its competition? Frame that with a percentage.

Simplicity is Your Friend

When it comes to resume design and formatting, your best choice may be a professional resume template. While it’s perfectly acceptable for some people to get a bit creative, your resume should be authoritative. Use fonts that are widely accepted as being professional. Choose colors such as navy, charcoal, black, and burgundy as part of your overall color scheme. Avoid scripting, geometric designs, or heavily serifed fonts.

Final Thoughts

Use the provided example as inspiration for your own executive resume. Remember to focus on details that prove you are an authoritative leader, ready to accept any challenge and back those details with some solid numbers!

sample executive resume


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