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Crafting a Resume Example For a Manager With Bonus Resume Writing Tips

sample resume for managers

Managers must have leadership skills, be able to motivate their staff, and use their skills to create and enforce organizational policies. After all, you are set responsible for the success of your team, and in some cases the success of the entire organization. Hence your resume should demonstrate that you have leadership and organizational skills to take on any challenges. Here is a resume sample for a managerial position followed by a few tips for creating a resume that communicates just that.

Resume Sample For Managers (Word version)

The following resume example is for a manager with a few years of experience. It applies some of the tips listed below.

resume template for a manager

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A Resume Example For a Manager (text version)

Helen Watson
2113 Red Hawk Road
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Sales Management

Building, training, and motivating sales teams to meet and exceed goals.

Retail sales manager with close to ten years of experience in high end electronics, and upscale furnishings. Proven track record of helping struggling teams and locations to resolve issues, overcome roadblocks to success, and thrive.

  • VIP Customer Relationship Management
  • Employee Training
  • Sales Reporting
  • Sales Team Motivation
  • Struggling Team Turn Around
  • Staffing And Recruiting

Professional Experience

Jefferson Electronics, Oakland, CA
Department Manager: Computers And Peripherals(Aug. 2015 – Present)

Worked closely with sales team, other department managers, and corporate team to ensure that sales of computers and peripherals exceeded expectations. Trained and evaluated employees. Created and implemented a sales training program that was adopted across the organization. Increased department sales by 20%, and influenced Jefferson Electronics to further invest in their Oakland CA presence.

  • Improved sales team retention by 15%
  • Reduced returns and exchanges by 25%
  • Increased sales of items exceeding 5K by 10%

Lawrence Keller Furnishings, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Manager: Alameda St. Location

Led a small team of highly skilled sales professionals offering high quality, custom-made furniture to discerning customers. Assisted store manager with various administrative and managerial tasks. Provided input into recruiting and hiring sales staff, and other employees. Provided customer service support as needed.



BA in Business Management (May 2015)

Open With a Summary of Your Qualifications

Lead off your resume with a powerful statement of what you can do for the next company that hires you. A summary of qualifications is the perfect follow-up to an objective statement or personal statement. This is where you will highlight your most outstanding skills, experience, and qualifications.

Write your personal statement first. Then, follow up immediately with a bulleted list of your qualifications and main skills. Make sure the list isn’t too long. This part should contain only your ‘wow’ items.

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Use Evidence to Support Your Claims

It’s not enough to say that you’re a capable leader, or that you’ve led teams to do great things. You have to bring some hard facts to the table. Use numbers and examples to quantify any statements you make about your accomplishments. For example, instead of saying you’ve led a successful team at a local restaurant, add some details. Maybe you lowered food costs by 20%, or increased sales by 10%.

Customize Your Resume to The Needs of The Organization

It’s always advisable to modify your resume according to the job listing you’re responding to. If you want to land a great position as a manager, take this strategy a step further. Research the company to which you are applying. Learn about its struggles, upcoming projects, etc. Then tailor your resume to show that you are the perfect person to come in, and help your team accomplish those goals and objectives.

Respect Any Existing Confidentiality Agreements

It’s relatively common for people in management and executive positions to have signed agreements regarding client confidentiality. Your resume must adhere to those both in letter, and in spirit. For example, imagine that your current employer has partnered with AT&T, and that you have a leadership role on that project. There’s also a confidentiality agreement in place.

You’ll have to leave AT&T off of your resume. You’ll also want to avoid hinting at it. So, referring to a major telecommunications provider in Dallas, TX is also out. Remember that you don’t want to give a potential employer reason to believe you would go back on any agreements you made with them in the future.

Consider Using Your Alumni Email Address

If you attended a prestigious university, or one with a great alumni network, use your school email as your contact. It’s a small thing, but it can have a positive impact. It provides proof of your claim of attendance. Also, you never know when you might encounter a fellow alumnus.

Final Thoughts

Before you send out your next resume, try to implement a few of the tips here. Whether you are looking to move into management, or have years of experience, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results! And if you want to give your application an extra oomph, grab one of our professional resume templates for free!

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