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Impactful Event Manager Cover Letter Example and Tips

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After a several-year slump, the event industry is back on the growth track. In 2023, the demand for in-person events will rebound to 2019 levels both in B2B and B2C sectors. For event managers, this translates to new contract-based and full-time work opportunities.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you know the drill. First, you need to dust off your resume and refresh your LinkedIn profile. Then, you need to start writing personalized cover letters for the shortlisted positions. This can be daunting.

So if you need a little bit of help, check our sample event manager cover letter first. Then browse some extra writing tips. 

Event Manager Cover Letter Example (Word)

event manager cover letter example

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Event Manager Cover Letter (plain text)

Hello Fiesta Agency,

Ever since I attended your Robotics Expo 2021 in Miami, I have been following your company for job openings. When the new position of “Senior Event Manager” was announced, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to apply.

I’m Dianna Wrike, an experienced event manager, who hosted events with up to 2,000 guests in the tech, agriculture, and marketing industries. As a Miami local, I have established connections with the local venue managers, as well as journalists and PR people from regional and national newspapers.

Currently, I’m working as an independent Event Manager. Between 2019 and the present, I have organized 12+ major events including the 2022 Women in Tech Conference, the Quarterly Blockchain Conference, and a number of smaller conferences, panels, and PR parties for companies like ABC, XYZ, and DEF. You can learn about my past project on my professional website: 

My strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure have allowed me to consistently deliver high-quality events on time and within budget. I’m a strong team player and always ensure that a variety of clients, vendors, and team members feel comfortable working with me. 

I know that Fiesta is planning to host another TechSummit event this year — and I might have just the right speakers for your panel. How would you feel about having Jack Dorsey or Rowena Yeo among the headliners? 

Let’s make this happen. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to your company.  Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to connect. 


Dianna Wrike 

How to Write an Event Manager Cover Letter 

Successful event managers possess strong interpersonal skills. Most are excellent negotiators, strong oral communicators, and excellent listeners. Yet, writing may not always be your strong suit. 

But fret not, the following tips should help you craft an equally compelling cover letter for the coveted position you’re eying up! 

1. Always Customize Your Letter 

As someone responsible for promoting events, you probably know that generic pitches get you nowhere. The same is true for cover letters. You have to always personalize your letter to the company and the type of position.

This is actually easy to do. First, create a rough cover letter outline. Then read the job description again and think about how you can contextualize the skills it mentioned. Next, do some light browsing to figure out what types of events the company usually does and throw in some “quick praise”.

Doing the above shows that not only you’re eager to get a new job, but you’re excited about working for this particular company. That’s always seen as a plus by hiring managers. 

2. Use Specific Examples to Illustrate Your Skills and Experience 

Your event manager resume provides a consolidated summary of all your core competencies. Your cover letter, in turn, should expand on some of the points you’ve made. Mention specific events and outcomes. Share some numbers on guests, feedback, or positive PR. Make it easy for the reader to picture you doing the same for their company. 

For example, “In my current role as Event Manager at ABC Company, I have planned [X events] for industries like [Y and Z]. I have hosted over X guests and managed budgets above Z”. 

3. Emphasize Your Organizational and Project Management Skills

An event manager is more than just a welcoming host. This role requires strategic thinking, as well as the ability to manage often contrasting activities in parallel. So it’s important to highlight your organizational skills such as:

  • Vendor management 
  • Travel arrangement and coordination
  • Task delegation 
  • Cross-functional teamwork 

Separately, use your cover letter as an opportunity to speak about your project management abilities such as knowledge of specific PM methodologies, familiarity with popular PM software, or examples of successfully led projects. 

Final Tip: Add a Powerful Ending

Pack a punch in the final paragraph of your cover letter as the example above does. Here the author makes a bold pitch of their services, based on prior research. If you’re not in a position to pitch a solid idea, you can try other cover letter closing techniques such as:

  • Present an argument on why you’re the best fit for the position 
  • Replace passive voice, with a present positive voice 
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA), suggesting the next steps 

Also, don’t forget to thank the recruiter for considering your job application and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to join the team.


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