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CNA Cover Letter Example (+Writing Tips)

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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is one of many allied health professionals who don’t get the credit they deserve. CNAs spend the most face-time with patients, helping them cope with ongoing physical and psychological issues. It can be a challenging job at times, but also a very meaningful and rewarding one when you’re working with an employer, who values you.

If you’re among the 84% of CNAs looking for a higher wage and better training/opportunities for career advancement, time to work on your job application materials. If you’ve already created a compelling nursing resume and now feel stalled by a cover letter, this post will help.

Check our sample CNA cover letter first. Then apply the bonus writing tips. 

Cover Letter Sample for a Certified Nurse Assistant (Word)

cover letter sample for certified nurse assistant

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CNA Cover Letter Example (plain text)

Dear Dr. Everett,

My name is Diana Woods, and I am very interested in the certified nursing assistant position that has been listed on the website for General Hospital. I believe that I possess the needed experience, certifications, and dedication, to be an ideal fit for this position. 

Presently, I’m working as a Lead CNA at Reeds Medical Center, specializing in cardiac care for geriatric patients. In particular, I’m assisting patients with memory care and stroke recovery, as well as those undergoing post-op recovery from recent heart surgeries. Apart from ensuring proper patient care, I’m also providing telephone and video-conference support for medical staff at the partnering Open Heart Surgery Clinic, which monitors patient outcomes. 

Here’s why I believe I am a strong candidate for this position. 

  • I possess a current CNA license in the state of Wisconsin
  • My work experience includes working with elderly and disabled clients
  • I have well over 5 years of required experience in the healthcare fields
  • I am multilingual, speaking and writing English, Spanish, and Polish fluently

I’m also proud to be a long-time volunteer at Madison Community Wellness Center. This has given me the opportunity to provide care to a diverse clientele and develop a cultural literacy that I would not otherwise have, which allows me to best serve all types of patients. 

Over the years I have developed a number of skills that have helped me to be able to perform the job of a nursing assistant more efficiently such as:

  • Vital signs recording (temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, and blood sugar). 
  • Development of new patients in enrichment activities including a fortnightly historic quiz night, light yoga, and memory training games. 
  • Effective supply management and coordination via the cloud-based BlueQ platform and corporate mobile app. 
  • Maintained high standards of cleanliness. Ensured proper sterilization of all the equipment, and performed deep cleaning equipment activities. 

I would be delighted to further illustrate how I can be a great addition to General Hospital’s team during an interview. Don’t hesitate to contact me for extra information. 


Diana Woods

How to Write an Effective CNA Cover Letter 

It takes a special combination of hard skills and a caregiver personality to be an incredible CNA. While your resume gives a snapshot of your professional abilities, a cover letter is a great place to present your personal character (in a professional manner of course!).

Explain why you were drawn to the CNA career and how you’re making an impact with your work. Then summarize some of your most marketable competencies, showing your advantage over the other applicants.

To create a CNA cover letter, similar to the above example, try applying the following tips!

Get The Formatting Basics Down 

A good cover letter will be easy to read and scan. Use small paragraphs, white space, and bullet points. This makes the most important points stand out and prevents eye fatigue for the reader.

Try using a cover letter template to better organize your information. You can opt for a version with a headshot to make your submission even more personified, and thus — memorable! 

Learn more about selecting the right cover letter format from our guide. 

Put the Most Important Information Up Front 

Think like a hiring manager. They are reading your cover letter to see if you meet the basic requirements for the CNA position. Then, they will read your resume to dive a bit deeper into your work history and education. So, your letter should contain just a handful or so of important points about your core skills and experience. Refer back to the job listing to determine which ones are the best to highlight, by scanning the candidate requirements section. 

It’s Okay to Include Other Information

Yes, your cover letter should be concise. Get rid of the fluff! On the other hand, don’t hesitate to add any information that paints a clearer picture of your personality and skill set. For example, the CNA cover letter above mentions volunteering in the community. This work is relevant to the applicant’s experience and makes their letter much stronger. 

Think of some “originality nuggets” you could include like knowing multiple languages, having experience with specific patient populations, or unique extra skills like yoga instruction or music lessons delivery. Such deets can make you stand out among others! 

Final Tip: Always Be One Step Ahead

Thanks to a great cover letter,  you can be confident that the hiring manager is eager to read your resume next. Now, start pushing things just a bit to show you are eager to land this job. Close your cover letter with a request to meet for an interview or just a chat. Such an action-oriented statement shows the seriousness of your intentions and enthusiasm about the position. 


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