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Veterinarian Assistant Cover Letter Example & Writing Tips

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Veterinarians help animals live safe, long lives. However, much of the work that is done at the vet’s office or animal hospital is thanks to veterinary assistants. They help comfort animals, prepare them for exams, and offer triage services. If you visit any well-run veterinarian office, chances are you have a vet assistant to thank for that.

Whenever you sit down to write a cover letter, do remember the above. Your letter should clearly communicate all the value you can bring to the workplace and contextualize some of the skills, mentioned on your resume.  

This post provides a compelling veterinarian assistant cover letter sample you can use as an inspiration for writing, followed by several customization tips.

Veterinarian Assistant Cover Letter Example (plain text)

Dear Dr. Lovitz,

My name is Leon Carter, and I am writing to you to express my interest in the position of veterinarian assistant at Animalz Midwest Practice. I learned of this position through my friend and your office manager, Becky Davis. I’ve taken the time to review the details of the position, and I am confident that I am the best candidate for your team.

Currently, I am finishing an internship at the Peoria County Animal Hospital. There, I am responsible for assisting veterinarians and technicians as they conduct exams and provide diagnoses for sick pets. My work here primarily involves cats, dogs, birds, rodents, and several exotic household pets (including a raccoon and a python). Additionally, I provide backup support for the front desk staff.

My internship finishes at the end of May and by that time, I will also obtain my Veterinary Assistant Certificate of Completion via Peoria Community College.

In addition to my internship, I have taken advantage of several opportunities to improve my skills in the areas of customer service, animal husbandry, and communication skills. Specifically, I have:

  • Improved my Spanish language fluency to better communicate with all clients
  • Volunteered at an animal sanctuary to gain experience working with large animals
  • Worked through a temporary agency to gain skills such as customer service and office technology

Additionally, I was involved in 4-H as a youth and am a leader today. If hired, I will provide the highest level of care to your patients and their owners. I’m looking forward to supporting your clinic’s efforts to provide services to local animal shelters.

My resume further elaborates on my skillset and past work experience. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. 


Leon Carter

Veterinarian Assistant Cover Letter (Word)

cover letter for a veterinarian assistant

Download example (.docx)

How to Write a Veterinarian Assistant Cover Letter 

A cover letter is your first introduction to your prospective boss. You should position yourself as a courteous, professional, and customer-oriented candidate. 

Address the letter to the hiring manager and use a professional cover letter opening line. In the first paragraph, explain why you are interested in the position and how your qualifications align with the vet assistant job requirements. 

In the second paragraph, provide specific examples of your experience working with animals, such as volunteering at a shelter or completing a veterinary assistant program. Use this section to showcase your hard and soft skills, such as administering medication or performing basic animal care. 

In the final paragraph, express your enthusiasm for the position and thank the hiring manager for considering your application. Once you’ve covered the basics, add a couple more polishing touches. 

Adjust the Cover Letter Lenght 

There is no need to rewrite your resume or tell your life story. Stay on topic. Pick three or four areas to emphasize, and edit ruthlessly. The final version of your cover letter should be less than a page long. Remember vet doctors are busy. They like when people get to the point fast. 

Show You’ve Done Your Research

Notice that the letter above refers to the veterinary clinic doing work for local animal shelters. The writer also mentions that they read the job requirements thoroughly. Both of these things show they did preliminary company research. Use your cover letter to show you understand which customers the practice welcomes the most often and how they run the business. Doing so indicates you put in extra effort, and that you aren’t simply sending the same generic cover letter with every application.

Demonstrate Your Accomplishments

Your cover letter should largely focus on your accomplishments. Accomplishments represent a combination of your education, developed skills, and work experience. Be sure to mention specific steps you’ve taken to improve your skills (like in the sample above) and/or mention any positive outcomes you’ve helped achieve (e.g., had a 95% customer satisfaction score in the past job). 

Final Tip: Address Any Missing Details

Never let the hiring manager make assumptions about you or fill in any blanks in your career history. Or else, they might arrive at false conclusions.  Instead, take the time to fill in any missing details. For example, the applicant here isn’t certified yet but will be by the time they begin working. That’s important to note on the cover letter. Also, you may want to spend just one or two sentences providing a succinct, positive explanation for gaps in your work history or any other issue that could raise questions.


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