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Cover Letter Example For a Supervisor Position: Example + Tips

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You’ve gained respect for your competence in your field. Coworkers admire you, and you’ve already played the role of trainer, mentor, and informal leader. Now, it’s time to make things formal. You’ve decided that you are ready to move up the career ladder. If that’s the case, your next goal may be to become a supervisor.

That’s a big leap, but it is definitely something that can be accomplished. However, you will need a new resume and cover letter to best present yourself to potential employers. Even if you are gearing up for an internal position.

To help with that, we have a sample cover letter for a supervisor position. Scroll to the bottom for extra helpful writing tips!

Supervisor Cover Letter Sample (Word version)

cover letter sample for a supervisor position

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Cover Letter Example For a Supervisor Position (text version)

Dear Ellen James,

My name is Nicole Hartmann and I am writing to express my sincere interest in pursuing your open position for 2nd Shift Production Supervisor. I have more than three years of experience working in automotive manufacturing, have successfully taken on many leadership roles, and am confident I am an ideal candidate for this position.

At present, I am employed at Automag Industries as a second shift line leader. My job involves supervising the other workers on my line, providing them with training and guidance, and ensuring that production quotas are met. I’m also responsible for recording breaks and lunches, training new employees, and conducting quality checks. Additionally, I have my own production responsibilities as well. I’m proud to say that my line meets or exceeds quotas 100% of the time. We’ve also been accident and injury-free for more than one year.

The employees on my line have ranked my performance as superb or excellent in their annual assessments. I have a low turnover rate and am very proud that many of the workers who began under me have also become line leaders.

In addition to working in the manufacturing industry, I am also a student at the University of Washington. I’m pursuing my BS in Manufacturing Management. Because of this, I am particularly excited about the opportunity to take the next step into a supervisory position.

If you have time next week, I’d like to meet for an interview. I plan to reach out again via email to see if we can set something up. I look forward to learning more about your company, and how I might be of service.

Nicole Hartmann

How to Write a Cover Letter For A Supervisor Position

Now, here are some excellent tips to really produce an attention-grabbing cover letter for yourself. Remember to follow the standard business letter structure — introduction, body, closing paragraph. Aim for 3-4 paragraphs.

Verify That You Have Permission To Apply

Many people apply for their first supervisor position at their current place of employment. If you are pursuing an internal position, there are some extra steps you should take. First, get clearance from your current department head before you apply. That’s a matter of professionalism. Next, when you write your cover letter, add a quick note that you have the approval to pursue the position. By doing this, you ensure that there are no conflicts or unpleasant surprises.

Focus On Results

The key to proving your capabilities as a supervisor is to show that you can get results. Focus on details such as quotas, productivity metrics, team attendance rates, low turnover, accuracy, and quality. If possible, quantify your achievements. Limit mentions of administrative tasks to those that indicate you have mastered the required skills.

For example, you can write something like:

As a senior warehouse associate, I was responsible for ensuring high order fulfillment accuracy rates. I’ve helped some of the junior staff to better understand the labeling process and subsequently, order fulfillment accuracy rates increased by 15% within a month.

Make Your Skills Relevant

What if you are applying for your first position as a supervisor? Remember that even if you haven’t held the job title, there are skills you have, and experience you have gained, that will likely help you succeed as a supervisor.

Consider your current experience, and list anything that showcases leadership ability, working independently, training others, or otherwise taking on additional responsibilities. Mention these in your cover letter to highlight your potential as a supervisor.


Regardless of the type of supervisor position you are applying for, the position will require you to ensure instructions are followed and tasks are completed. You will want to cover specifics in your cover letter about your ability to inspire others while communicating with a variety of people.


Debi Douma-Herren
HR Consultant & Career Strategist

Prove You Can Lead

Supervisors must command respect, motivate people under them to be productive, and provide mentoring to help their team members pursue their own career goals. To do this, you must have a strong sense of empathy, great communication skills, and the ability to provide coaching. Include examples of these things in your cover letter.

Edit The Letter Carefully

Supervisors must pay attention to detail, and produce results that are free from error. The first place to show that you are capable of these things is in your cover letter. Double-check your writing, and fix any errors you find. Then, have a friend read to verify that you are communicating your thoughts clearly and accurately.

Final Tip: Make Your Attractive and Professional

Your entire application package should be attractive, easy to read, and attention-getting. This will help to make your application memorable and show that you are very serious about pursuing the position of supervisor. You can accomplish this by using a professional cover letter template to ensure that your formatting and layout are attractive and exude professionalism.


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