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Top Tips for calming your pre-interview nerves

calming down for job interview

We all know how stressful job interviews can be, so when the time for your job interview date is coming near, follow some of our helpful tips to calm your nerves.

You are never going to banish your nerves completely before your job interview, but by trying out some of these proven stress-reducing tips and tricks, you may be able to greatly reduce them.

Get plenty of sleep

Two or three days before your interview try taking a warm evening bath with relaxing aromatherapy oils. Doing something like this will help soothe your muscles, reduce tension and calm your mind. This will help you drift off to sleep more easily.

Give yourself a break from screens and electronic devices. It is well known that the light emitted from TV’s, computer screens, tablets and phones can stimulate your brain. Staring at screens too close to bedtime can make you restless and unable to fall asleep quickly.

Before going to bed take 20 minutes or so to sit in the dark, close your eyes and practice some deep breathing. A great breathing technique is the seven/eleven method to help reduce stress and give you a peaceful mind. This means to take in a deep and slow breath to the count of seven, then release your breath slowly to the count of eleven.

Abstain from alcohol

The night before your interview you may be tempted to have a drink to steady your nerves, but this can often have a reverse effect. Alcohol acts as a stimulant and can actually keep you awake rather than allowing you to sleep.

It is also a diuretic and can cause you to wake up in the night to use the toilet and disrupt your sleep pattern. This can leave you tired and cranky on the day of your interview – not what you want!

You will want to be well-hydrated and mentally alert for your interview so taking a break from alcohol for a couple of evenings before your big interview will really pay off.

The day of the interview

Hopefully you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. To start with, make sure you have a good breakfast to kick start your preparations. Quite often people will let their nerves get the better of them and will skip breakfast before their interview. This can often backfire and attending your interview on an empty stomach can be disastrous.

You may find yourself running on adrenaline, but you will soon burn out and feel awful. Your interviewer may also be put off by the loud rumbling sounds coming from your empty belly!

Soothe your senses with some essential oils. Mix two drops of Jasmine essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as sweet almond or grapeseed, and gently massage into the soles of your feet. Apply a little to your wrists to and take a little sniff when you need to. Jasmine oil helps you to feel energised and also boosts your confidence.

Unfortunately, some people are more affected by anxiety than others, but if you feel your anxiety will get the better of you, try using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. A few drops under the tongue will encourage your senses to calm down and give you some inner focus. Take the bottle with you and pop a few drops under your tongue just before you go into the interview room.

Arriving for your interview

Allow plenty of time to get to your interview. If you are driving, leave a little early to ensure that you can get there without the risk of heavy traffic or roadworks making you late. If you arrive feeling flustered or hot and bothered, go to the bathroom and run some cold water over your wrists. This can cool you down and prevent having to give your interviewer a horrible sweaty handshake!

Oh the waiting! That dreaded waiting time spent before your interview where your nerves often get the better of you. Instead of reading anything that is laying around to kill the time, try to focus on something positive and relaxing instead. Take out your phone and flick through your pictures. Focus on the smiling face of a loved one and practice smiling back. The act of smiling can release calming endorphins in your body. When you are called in for interview you can look calm and happy instead of wound up and worried.

during the job interviewDuring your interview

If you feel your anxiety rising during your interview, try massaging the middle of your palm with your thumb. There is a pressure point here that you can work on to help relax you. Take slow, deep breaths and push your shoulders down to help relieve tension build-up.

These little things can be subtly done during your interview. Don’t forget that your interviewer will be aware that you may be a little nervous, so they are often quite forgiving.

Keep your breathing deep and steady to help release tension and calm your mind. It will be over before you know it and then you can go and do something fun to celebrate how well you did.

Good luck.

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