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Teacher Resume Example: Get Inspired And Write Your Own Stellar Application

sample teacher resume

Every field has different expectations when it comes to your resume in terms of content, format and overall styling. What’s even more challenging is that these expectations from employers often change.

If it’s been a while since you changed jobs, your resume may no longer be up-to-date. And your cover letter sure does need an upgrade and some customization!

Education is a particularly competitive field, and it’s important that your resume includes essential information that recruiters really want to see on your resume. At the same time, you want to be sure that it adheres to industry norms. As a teacher, your resume should highlight your experience, accomplishments, passion for education, and your potential to grow within your field.

Here, you can check out a sample education resume then we will provide some important resume tips.

Resume Template For Teachers (Word version)

Struggling to piece together the perfect resume? Check out the sample we have included below. Use it both as inspiration, and as a reference example. It contains all of the elements of a great resume.

resume template for a teacher position

Download resume example (.docx)

Teachers Resume (text version)

Joann Jones
123 ABC Street
Los Angeles, CA 90210


Elementary Art Teacher

Leading students to increase creativity, critical thinking skills, an appreciation for visual arts, and develop an academic understanding of art and design.

Passionate art teacher with five years of teaching experience working with students from Pre-K to 6th grade. Have established a track record of helping students develop artistic skills, and find new ways of creative expression.

Relevant Skills:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Providing a Supportive Environment

Work Experience:

Hollywood Heights Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
Elementary Art Teacher (Sept. 2014 – Present)


  • Teach elementary art at all grade levels according to an established curriculum.
  • Teach beginner drawing, ceramics, and computer-assisted design to students in grades 4th thru 6th.
  • Design and supervise after-school fine arts program.


  • Founder And Chair of Committee to Establish a District Wide Art Festival
  • Created ‘The Craft Cabinet’ a Program That Provides Underprivileged Students With Art Supplies to Take Home
  • Established an After School Creative Arts Academy That Provides After School Activities For 100 Students
  • Selected as Southern California Art Teacher of The Year in 2017

Girl Scouts of America, Camp Pinewood, Oakland, CA
Art Instructor and Camp Counselor (June 2008 – Aug. 2014)


  • Worked as a summer counselor and fine arts instructor at a residential camp for Girl Scouts.
  • Supervised self-directed art projects, helped campers earn fine arts badges, and designed a fine arts curriculum that was both age-appropriate and fun.


  • Developed ‘Art is Everywhere’ Program Still in Use at Several Camps Today
  • Solicited And Received Donations of Both Funds And Art Projects From Several Businesses in the Oakland Region


University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, 2013

Teaching Certificate – California Department of Education 2013

Sample Teacher Resume: Tips to Remember

As you prepare your resume, keep the following tips in mind. They have been proven effective time and time again.

Make Sure to List All of Your Credentials And Education. Having the right degrees and certifications on your resume will help ensure that you are fast tracked to the interview stage.

Need more inspiration? Check out additional resume examples for other professions!

Think Terms of Accomplishments Instead of Duties. For example, if one of your tasks was to monitor the after school program at an elementary school, frame that in a way that highlights something you’ve accomplished. You could write, Supervised an after-school childcare and tutoring program that led to 100% participation in the Scholastic Readers program, and a 50% improvement in homework scores.

Detail Relevant Experience. Of course, all teaching experience is relevant. However, if you’ve held positions that are particularly related to the job you are seeking, go into a bit more detail. Don’t forget to list tutoring experience, volunteer positions, and other work that involved education in some way.

Follow Submission and Format Instructions. Don’t risk having your resume rejected on a technicality. Pay attention to all instructions closely.

Edit Carefully. For teachers, the bar is set quite high in this area. Clumsy mistakes can have very real consequences. Proofread carefully before you submit. Also, format your resume for readability. Use plenty of white space. Choose a font that is readable.

Use Keywords. Often, your resume will be scanned before anyone reads it entirely. To pass this ‘test’, use relevant keywords. These are words and phrases relating to skills, education, and experience that indicate you are a qualified candidate.

Check Out Teacher Resume Examples. These will help you understand exactly what hiring managers want to see.

Customize Your Resume to Each Position. Every school and every hiring manager is looking for something a bit different. Don’t make the mistake of sending everyone the same resume and cover letter. Instead, create a custom version to include in each application packet.

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That’s a chronological resume example – the most preferable format among employers. If you are a recent graduate and don’t have much work experience yet, opt for a functional resume instead. It would then put a greater emphasis on your education experience and personal skills, rather than work experience.

Finally, wrap up your submission with a persuasive cover letter. We have a great cover letter example for teachers that you can use to model your own letter.

And if you want to give your application that extra oomph and make it stand out from the pile, check out our modern and professional resume templates (available for free!). By using one, you don’t have to fret over resume design and layout and just focus on organizing all your personal info!


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