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Pharmacist Resume Example + Tips to Create A Compelling Job Application

sample resume for pharmacist

Pharmacists are now in high demand all around the world. They can secure jobs in hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, clinics and medical facilities, even for the government and military. A licensed pharmacist provides a needed service, and must adhere to the strictest standards of accuracy. They must ensure that they distribute medications safely, adhere to any applicable laws, and counsel patients on using medications safely and effectively.

As with other medical professions, job growth for pharmacists and pharmacy techs is quite high. Still, to land a great job, you’ll need to write an impressive resume. In the paragraphs below, we’ve got resume tips for professional pharmacists, and a free pharmacist resume example you can use to model yours.

Customize Your Resume to The Job Listing

When most people think of a pharmacist, they visualize a pharmacist working in a retail setting. That may be the job you are seeking, but perhaps not. You could be applying for a job as a pharmacist at a correctional facility, or in a nursing home. Depending on the nature of the position, you’ll want to include different keywords and emphasize different skills.

Start With a Great Summary And List of Skills

Lead your resume off with a three to five sentence objective or statement that describes your abilities as a pharmacist, your skills, and level of experience. The idea here is to share with hiring managers, what they will get should they hire you. Follow this with a list of both hard and soft skills. That might look something like this:

  • Customer Education
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service And Support
  • Vendor and Provider Relationship Management
  • Controlled Substance Verification
  • Quality Control
  • Compounding
  • Managing Community Education Initiatives
  • Attention to Detail
  • Teamwork

Consider a Functional Resume if You Lack Experience

If you’re a recent graduate, or only have a few years experience, your resume might look a bit thin. In that case, you might want to use a functional resume.

A functional resume leads off with, and emphasizes your skills rather than your experience. This can be a good thing in many cases. Imagine that you are a recent graduate with only an internship as a relevant pharmacy experience. Initially, you might not seem like the best choice when compared to someone with two years of retail pharmacy experience. However, that could change once a hiring manager sees your skills on a functional resume.

For example, you may have completed a special program that gives you specific expertise in the dangers of opioid medications and best practices for dispensing them.  Use a functional resume, and items like this appear at the top.

Emphasize Relevance in Past Jobs

A pharmacist does more than distribute medications. They provide education. They often work in the context of a retail environment, and are asked to perform tasks that go beyond the scope of pharmacy management. A good pharmacist is excellent at math, they are able to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds, they can train and motivate staff, and assist customers who may be worried or frustrated. If you have had jobs that allowed you to develop these skills, add them to your resume, even if they aren’t in the healthcare sector.

Consider a Resume With a Vertical Split

A vertical split or v-split resume is usually divided into two slightly uneven sections. The left section often includes your contact information, list of skills, licenses, and certifications. The right side is then reserved for your work history and education. Such design ensures that the reader’s eyes are always on the most pertinent information, and it can help you fit more on a single page.

Resume Sample for Pharmacist (Word version)

resume example for pharmacist

Download resume example (.docx)

Pharmacist Resume Example (text version)

Lorraine Engel

1328 Late Avenue
Elmore City, OK 73035

Licensed pharmacist with ten years of experience in retail settings. Skilled at accurately dispensing medications, counseling patients, and identifying potentially harmful interactions. Have successfully implemented changes to policies and procedures that have improved the delivery of service to customers. Relevant skills include:

  • Opioid Abuse Resistance Training
  • Compounding
  • Inventory Control
  • Staff Training And Mentoring
  • Customer Service
  • Process Improvement

Work Experience

Kyle’s Pharm-Med – City, ST

Pharmacy Manager

Aug 2015 – Present

  • Lead a Team of Pharmacists And Pharmacy Techs
  • Counseled Customers on Drug Interactions And Proper Use of Medications
  • Communicated With Medical Providers And Insurance Companies on Behalf of Patients
  • Managed Inventory For Pharmaceutical And OTC Products
  • Collaborated With other Department Managers

Med-Pharm – City, ST

Staff Pharmacist

December 2009 – Aug 2015

  • Assisted in the implementation of a new, online pharmacy network that automated communications with providers, and eliminated the need to keep paper records.
  • Properly verified customer information.
  • Assisted with billing questions.
  • Achieved an accuracy level of 100% and an efficiency score of 95%. That score is 20% higher than the national average.


Biltmore College of Pharmacy – City, ST

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies

  • Dean’s List
  • Healthcare Student of the Year

Final Thoughts

In this case, the applicant already has significant experience. She places the emphasis on her skills, and day-to-day duties performed, as well as some on-the-job accomplishments. You can use a similar approach with your application and select a professional resume template to highlight your expertise better!

sample pharmacist resume


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