Free Straightforward Resume Design – Basic Grey and White

simplistic resume design

Forget the frills. Basic Grey & White resume template is painfully straightforward – it talks business and nothing less. But by no means, it is generic or worse…boring. Not at all.

For when you need to adhere to the corporate standards in your industry, this template may be your best choice. Without further ado, it lays out your career experience and educational background – take it or leave it.

The expertise section just reinforces all the accomplishments you have previously listed. “About Me” section could be used to include a formal career objective statement (if you need one) or a brief summary of your quantifiable achievements – completed all your projects 60% faster than expected; increased advertising ROI by 150% in one year?

Don’t have the numbers to boast? Well, there are other things that recruiters want to see on your resume. So download this template and start filling in the blanks. You will become one step closer to your career change!

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