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Industries, and specific companies within those industries, have clearly defined “cultures.” In some sectors, such as traditional financial services, accounting, law, etc., you will find that many employers are very conservative. When they have position openings, they will advertise them in very conservative terms as well. This should be your clue that, if you intend to apply for that job, your resume will have to be very moderate too.

You cannot use resume designs that others consider “progressive” or “creative” Those are reserved for applicants who are applying for positions with more liberal organizations.

A basic minimalistic resume template is what you want to use. This design is exactly what you should consider. It is vertically structured and allows you to highlight your background and experience and your education. At the top of the resume is a section for your “objective” although you may want to use the term “Profile” or “Professional Summary” instead. Speaking to your own career objectives does not send the message that you are more interested in providing value to the organization.

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