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classic sleek resume design

There are so many creative and clever resumes out there, as well as on our website. And if you look around you can also find interactive resumes, infographic resumes and a bunch of other unique design. They are certainly cool and edgy. But they do not suit everyone.

Some people need a very classic resume format. They need one that’s perfect for administrative jobs, the finance sector, and other ‘serious’ industries. This resume template is absolutely perfect for that.

The vertical split design allows you to put the focus on what is most important, your work experience! It uses black subheadings and slightly lighter font for your text. We think it’s the perfect charcoal color! Don’t forget to share your valuable skills in the expertise section.

What are your goals? Are you seeking upwards mobility? Do you want to guarantee that you will be taken seriously? That’s all important questions to address in your resume, especially for executive-level job seekers. And if you need plenty of space for that, try out this template!

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  1. Making people share a link for a resume template may alert co-workers that they’re leaving. You may want to give people less outspoken ways to download stuff.

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