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Artistic Resume Example and Quick Writing Guide

sample resume for artist

Artists are known for breaking the templates and reinventing the ordinary. But should you manifest your unique tastes and style in your resume? Yes, to some extent.

While most resumes follow the same tried and tested format, the artistic resume is a bit different. It will contain sections that are usually not present on other resumes. Also, you are more encouraged to play with design and colors. 

Ready to roll? Here’s your quick guide with an exquisite artistic resume example.

Map Out The Key Sections of Your Resume

Just like a standard one, the artistic resume should include an objective or professional summary in the header section, along with your contact details. It should also feature sections for education and work experience.

That’s where the standard things end. Additionally, your  resume should include the next four core sections:


Where have you shown your work? Provide details including the place, space, and name of the exhibit. If you’ve participated in more than one, feel free to divide this section into categories such as solo exhibitions, art shows, and invitationals.


Provide information about all the articles written about your work, interviews you’ve done, and reviews. Links are recommended.

Publications Productions and Shows

If you are a performance artist or writer, provide a list of shows you’ve done, your productions, and links to your published work.


Have you sold your works to public or private collectors? Absolutely mention this! But make sure you get permission from private owners before you provide their contact information.

In each section,  you can use bullet points to highlight your most important points and awards that you’ve won.

List Skills That May Not be Illustrated by Your Experience

Many artists will include an ‘Additional Skills’ section on their resume to illustrate some of the hard and soft skills they have (beyond the core competencies). In particular, you should highlight:

  • Software and tech tools that you can use
  • Techniques and materials you are working with
  • Specific equipment skills
  • Teamwork, leadership, communication skills

Use Your Professional Summary as an Introduction

The first item on your resume should be your professional profile (summary). Think of it as your introduction. It should summarize the kind of work that you do, whether you are available for commissions, and mentions of one or two of your most noteworthy works or exhibitions.

Remember That Numbers Still Matter

Even though you have a creative career, cold numbers can still make a big difference. Use these as extra “evidence” to your talent and popularity. For instance, include figures such as performance numbers, tickets sold, exhibitions participated, etc.

Balance Form and Function

As an artist, you’ll want a resume that is attractive and shows your unique flair. But don’t overdo with “uniqueness” and ensure that your resume still remains readable and functional:

  • Include plenty of white space.
  • Consider a vertical split resume to save space, and make it visually interesting.
  • Use bullet points to highlight important points.
  • Choose an attractive color scheme, but prioritize readability.

P.S: To avoid staring at a blank page, pick a design from our collection of creative resume templates and customize it to match your brand.

Resume Sample for Artists (Word version)

resume example for artist

Download resume example (.docx)

Artistic Resume Example (text version)

Ruby M. Collins
Sculptor | Digital Artists | [your portfolio URL]
tel: 090 089 907

Professional Summary A trained sculptor, digital creator, and found object artist with 3 years of experience doing commissioned works for individuals and businesses. Exhibited work at Ohio Museum of Modern Art, Montclair Galleries. Commissions for Glasswall Office Center, Farms Center and John’s Institute. Digital work commissioned by Vogue, L’Oreal, WeWork.Professional Experience

Self-Employed Commissioned Artist, Brooklyn, New York.
Freelance April 2016 – Present

  • Design, sketch, mock-up, and deliver digital artwork to the clients’ specifications.
  • Create digital art for public and private collections.
  • Work a personal collection of sculptures.
  • Provide consulting services to art buyers.
  • Collaborate with local museums and art galleries for public and private showings.

Professors Assistant and Junior Lecturer
Columbus Institute of Art, Columbus OH
Sept. 2015 – May 2017.

  • Delivered lectures undergraduate art students.
  • Reviewed student portfolios and other artistic works.
  • Grading papers, organizing formative assessments.


Master of Arts: Emphasis in Sculpture
Minor: Contemporary and Digital Art
Art Institute of Columbus – Columbus, OH

May 2017

  • Dean’s List
  • Top Student Contribution: AIC Spring Art Show
  • Art Assistantship And Junior Lecturer

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture And Contemporary Art
Minor: Art History
University of Ohio – Columbus, OH

May 2015

  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Honor Roll


  • Michael Miller, “A Rediscovery of Creativity”, The Columbus Times, August 21, 2019
  • Jane Williams, “A Profile of a Modern Sculptor”, Art East Magazine, December 2018


  • Young Artists of Columbus: Group Exhibition, Ohio Museum of Modern Art
  • A Digital Revolution: Solo Exhibition, Montclair Galleries, Soho, NYC.

Additional Skills

  • Adobe Animate, InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Printmaking
  • Web Design
  • Digital Filmmaking

Final Tips: Use Subcategories

If you’ve been particularly prolific in any specific area, you may need to divide your resume into logical subcategories. For example, if you have more than a dozen showings to mention, you might divide those into contests, private showings, and public showings. This will make it easier for readers to understand your experience.

sample artistic resume


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