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6 Alternative Job Search Ideas You Can Try Today

alternative job search opportunities

Gearing up for another job search session? Well, the problem with looking for work on the same job sites is that you see the same opportunities and companies over and over again. Surely, there has to be more out there. Good news! There are some alternative job search methods you’ve probably didn’t consider yet! 

How Do Job Seekers Find Their Best Jobs?

To find the best jobs, you have to approach the job search creatively. Try following these steps:

  1. Always maintain your professional connections.
  2. Keep up a professional social media presence
  3. Be willing to contact people directly
  4. Build skills through side gigs and other alternative work
  5. Keep your online resume up to date

By doing all of these things, you can increase your chances of learning about unadvertised job openings, and finding work through your networks.

Where Can I Find a Job Other Than Online?

If you’re willing to get out of your house, you can absolutely find work without getting on the internet. Here are some great resources:

  1. Job/career fairs
  2. Your local employment office
  3. Union halls
  4. Job boards at stores and local colleges
  5. By applying in person

Of course, you could be limiting yourself if you disconnect entirely. Consider keeping an open mind and pursuing job search options both on and offline.

6 Alternative Job Search Methods to Try Out

Are you ready to change up your approach? If you are, you could find yourself learning about job openings you would have never found without using alternative job search sites and methods. 

1. Reach Out to Recruiters Directly

Recruiters may advertise on traditional job boards, but that process can be slow. It’s easy to get  your resume lost in a crowd of applicants. In the best cases, you could wait weeks before you hear back. 

If you want better results, you’re going to have to make an end-run around the middleman to contact the recruiter directly. You can do this through email, sending a request to connect on LinkedIn, or making contact at a professional event. 

Just remember to approach this with professionalism with a clear goal in mind. You won’t get far in reaching out to a recruiter if they believe you aren’t serious about landing a new job.

2. Advertise Your Availability on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not seem like an alternative job search site. However, there are some ways to use this platform that you may have never considered before. 

mention your availability on social

Take a closer look at the #OpenToWork feature. Here’s how it works: 

  • Click the Me icon on your LinkedIn page
  • Select view profile
  • Click the Open To button
  • Choose finding a new job
  • Select the job types you want to pursue
  • Decide if you want to let everyone know or just recruiters
  • Click or tap add to profile

If you choose to share your job search publicly, LinkedIn will give you a frame that says, #OpenToWork.

3. Network in Niche Communities

You’ve probably heard about the so-called hidden job market

These are positions that are never advertised through traditional channels. You may learn about them through word of mouth or by participating in niche communities. This method is especially useful if you are in a field that is small or involves some very specialized knowledge.

Take part in online sites, apps, or live groups that relate to your profession. You may learn about job opportunities. There will also be opportunities to pitch your own talents. Here are a few example groups:

Also, don’t neglect Reddit or Facebook in your search to make professional connections. Search both platforms for groups and subreddits related to your niche. You will most likely find both local and national groups.

4. Attend Industry Events and Meetups

You can’t beat meeting up with people in your field to jumpstart your job search. But the key is knowing how and where to find these gatherings.

Start with online platforms for arranging in person meetups. Of course, one of the most popular is Meetup. You can also check out EventBrite or Citysocializer. Your local chamber of commerce may also host regular events.

Does your town have a local co-op for entrepreneurs, a small business hive, or coworking space? It’s very common for these spaces to hold networking events. 

attending an industry event

Before you go, find out the guidelines. Some of these events are very specific. For example, they may be limited to people in STEM fields, women, or management-tier workers only.

5. Pitch For Remote Jobs

Thanks to remote work becoming the norm, you can take your job search worldwide. You’re simply no longer tethered to a single, geographical location. The only challenge will be convincing potential employers that you can pull off working remotely. 

So check out remote work job boards such as:

6. Cold Pitch Companies You Admire

If you don’t have a list of “dream employers”, you should make one. This aspirational list can be a source of motivation, and help you focus on finding the ideal job. However, if you simply write your list of top employers down and forget about it, then nothing is going to happen.

Take the next step and write a cold pitch. Many companies are open to hearing from the right talent. At worst, they will simply file your resume away until the right job opens. At best, you may find that they create a position to make the best use of your abilities right away.

You won’t regret writing a letter of interest. Chances are, you will get a positive response as long as you are polite yet direct.

When it comes to the job search, there is no such thing as hitting the wall. There are simply too many opportunities and options! If one thing doesn’t work, simply pivot and try something new.


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