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How to Ask if You Got the Job? (with Email Examples)

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You have completed your round of interviews. Congrats! But now the anxious part begins — you have to wait for the final verdict on whether you’ve got the job or not. This stretch of time can be truly nerve-wrenching. So you might be wondering: how to ask if I got the job or not (without appearing like a pest)? 

This quick guide provides you with tips and email examples to follow up on your job application status. 

Is It OK to Ask If You Got the Job?

Overall, yes, it is okay to ask the decision-maker if you’ve got the job. But you have to be tactful and follow several quick etiquette rules. First, don’t follow up on your job application status the next day — most companies need more time for decision-making. Next, don’t make your follow-up email sound too urgent or impatient. Your tone of voice should be inquiring, rather than demanding. 

When to Ask if You Got the Job?

If this is the final interview round, you should wait at least 5 business days (or more). Employers have widely-different response times to job application statuses. Smaller companies can break the news as soon as 48 hours. But larger multinational firms can require at least two weeks or longer. Most HRs will usually tell you how long it would take to hear back from them after the application. If there’s still silence after their self-promised deadline, do a follow-up with a short email or a phone call. 

How to Ask If You Got the Job After an Interview: Examples

Timing is hugely important when asking if you got a job after an interview. 

Your inquiry should never come out of the blue, this is impolite. Likewise, if you were interviewed by several people (your direct manager, HR, and peers), you shouldn’t go behind the HRs back and try to get some status updates from other people you spoke to. Stick to communicating with your pain point of contact only — be it an assigned interviewer or the employer directly. 

Here’s how to ask if you got the job professionally:

  1. Send a thank-you email within 24 hours after the interview. About 80% of HRs say they consider thank-you notes when making hiring decisions.
  1. Send a follow-up email about your job application status a week after your interview. If that’s been your first round, ask about the next steps. If you are on the final laps, inquire if the team needs any further information from you. 
  1. Make a final follow-up asking if you got the job in two weeks after your final interview unless you had received an update earlier. 

To help you out, we’ve also prepared several quick email scripts you can use to ask if you got the job. 

Email Scripts to Ask if You Got the Job  

An email lets you plan ahead what you are going to say and structure your inquiry in the best way possible. An email is also better than a phone call since you won’t have to distract your contact from whatever they are doing at the moment or waiting endlessly on hold. 

Sample email example to ask if you got the job 

In most cases, you don’t have to overthink this. Just politely state that you are waiting for a reply and re-iterate your enthusiasm. 

Hi [HR Name],

I hope your [Day] is treating you well so far! 

I wanted to touch base on my job application status and inquire if you have made a decision on the (Name of the Position} role? To recap, we had the last interview on 2024. I’m still very interested in joining [Company Name] and look forward to an update. 


Email script suggesting that you have a competing offer

If you have two (or more!) offers on the table, you really want to get your ducks in a row fast. In this case, you can hint to one of the employers that you are in demand — and gently nudge them to faster action. 

Hi [HR Name],

Hope you are having a productive day. 

I just wanted to check in regarding the status of my job application for [position name]. We had an interview on 2024 — which I greatly enjoyed. I’m still very interested in joining [Company Name], but I also want to admit that I have a competing offer on my desk, waiting for my reply by 2024. 

Since [Company Name] still remains my first choice, I’d greatly appreciate an update on your timeline.


Short LinkedIn message follow-up 

Finally, if you’ve been working with a recruiter or a staffing agency (rather than an employer directly), you can reach out to your point of contact via LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn over email? Because that’s where they likely hang out more often — and hence, you’d probably get a faster reply. 

Hi [Name],

Hope you are doing well. I’ve applied to [position name] and we had a productive interview on 2024. I wanted to check in on my application status. Thanks a lot!


Need more tips and examples? Check our big guide to writing follow-up emails after an interview next!


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