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Your work is much dependent on your unique look and personal brand. And that should extend to your resume. Whether you are looking for more gigs, want to change agencies, or seek that first big break, you need a compelling resume to present to the world, along with your portfolio.

How do you craft one? Just follow the tips below and take a peek at the sample model resume we’ve included for reference!

Key Items to Include To Your Model Resume

If you are creating your first resume, here’s a quick recap of the key sections you should include.

Prominent header featuring your name and contact information (phone and email only please).

A “zinger” of a biography that is no more than two sentences, but that also points to the value you can bring to the agency. If you have modeled for a well-known client (large retailer, for example), “brag” it here.

Headshot: Place a high-quality portrait shot either by your name or right underneath your bio. Keep the rest of your pics for your portfolio, or print them out separately if the job posting instructs you to do so.

Portfolio: Link to your portfolio in bold before you move on to other sections.

Experience is the next section. Here you can use either a chronological or a functional format, whichever suits you best.

  • If you are a freelancer or part-time model, opt for a functional resume that lists your clients and a brief description of your work for them.
  • If you have worked for agencies, then list them in chronological order.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie without clients or an agency, then use a functional resume with what experience you have had (have you modeled for local charity events, for example; did you participate in fashion shows in high school or college at local events?).

For more details, check our complete guide to writing a resume.

Education – Is it important?

You don’t need a degree to be an amazing model. So, merely adding your alma mater and/or degree and date is not crucial. If you are short on space, it’s best to include what you did in high school or college that relates to modeling. For example:

  • Did you take photography courses? Mention that.
  • Modeled for art classes? Include that tidbit too.
  • Were you in modern dance?  Did you perform in plays and/or musicals?
  • Did you participate in beauty pageants?

All of these things are related to modeling and “stage presence.” So it’s best to give them a shout out.

Focus on Your Soft Skills and Attributes

A modeling career does not assume many “hard skills” in the strict sense of the word. Being an expert in specific software won’t make a difference in most cases. Thus, it’s best to focus on the relevant soft skills that you have:

  • Collaboration
  • Ability to take detailed and specific instructions (particularly during photoshoots)
  • Fast learner
  • Listening

Also highlight your unique attributes (physical characteristics) such as:

  • Measurements
  • Height and Weight
  • Eye and hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Anything that might be considered a “unique” look – freckles, visible tattoos, etc.

Resume Sample for a Model (Word version)

Download resume example (.docx)

Model Resume Example (Text version)

Carleen Liason
Phone: 419-123-4567
Portfolio: [portfolio URL]

A new fashion model who has walked runways for charitable events and placed in local, regional, and state beauty/talent pageants. A frequent art school model at the University of Missouri.

Work Experience

Humane Society of Missouri
Fund-Raising Event/Auction – Aug. 2019

  • Walked runway, modeling clothing from local retailers
  • Performed as singer/dancer
  • Clothing auctions raised $32,000

Miss College Pageant
Beauty/Talent Pageant – Jan. 2019

  • Modeled evening gown and swimsuit
  • Performed song and dance routine
  • Placed 3rd

Art School Model
University of Missouri School of Art – 2015-2019

  • Live model for art classes
  • Held poses for long periods of time
  • Most-requested model by professors

Miss Teen USA Pageant – January 2015

  • Runway modeling of evening gown and swimsuit
  • Performed song/dance routine
  • Answered ad hoc question with poise and ease
  • Placed 2nd at the state level


University of Missouri – 2015-2019

  • Coursework included photography, fashion design, communications, theatre.
  • Played lead roles in plays and musicals


  • Stage Presence
  • Communication
  • Collaborative Team Player
  • Follow Complex Instructions
  • (Measurements, hgt./wgt)
  • Hair/eye color
  • Skin Tone
  • Unique Features

Hobbies/Outside Interests

  • Photography
  • Volunteer choreographer for children’s theatre group
  • Member – a local theatre group

Some Final Tips for Your Model Resume

Prepare a stunning portfolio to go along with your resume. If you are new to modeling, find a professional photographer to do the shoot. Don’t compromise on the price if you want to get the best shots.  After all, these visuals will be a huge part of your job searches for a long time to come.

Focus on achievements as much as possible, but don’t exaggerate. Keep things real and highlight the events and brands you worked with.

Write a strong cover letter and include your portfolio website front and center. A reader may not read that entire letter but will certainly check out your portfolio.

sample model resume


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