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A Banging Barista Resume Example (+Writing Tips)

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Barista’s do much more than pull mugs of premixed coffee beverages. The art of making and pouring the perfect latte or cappuccino is something people work years on. A good barista often works full-time, commands a decent salary with tips, and is privileged to work with premium ingredients.

Baristas also enjoy friendly work environments with customers who appreciate their service. To land a great job as a barista, you’ll need a stellar resume. Keep reading for resume writing tips, and a sample barista resume.

Talk About Front and Back of House Experience

Barista is a peak position. In a high-end coffee house, a good barista can expect to earn more than $100 in tips per day. Many people will be vying for that position. The hiring manager will want to see that you have a well-rounded experience. If you can’t show that you understand the business thoroughly, you’ll be started in a back of house position. Your resume should show the following capabilities:

  • The ability to maintain a clean work environment
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Understanding of restaurant opening and closing procedures
  • The ability to memorize ingredients and specialties
  • Willingness and ability to upsell items
  • Customer-facing experience
  • An understanding of premium ingredients and techniques

These are the skills you will need to be put ‘on the bar’ on a full-time basis. If you lack these skills, expect to start in BOH position, or as a part-time barista.

Choose a Functional Resume Format if You Have Less Experience

If you don’t have much experience, don’t lead off with your work history. That will only make that shortcoming stand out more. Instead, start with your skills – something you do in a functional resume. By doing this, you cause the hiring manager to focus on what you can do, rather than how long you’ve been doing this.

Here are some skills to include in your barista resume:

  • Grinding and roasting coffee
  • Using a POS system
  • Operating a dish machine
  • Cleaning and using an espresso machine, French press, etc.
  • Having a food sanitation certificate
  • The ability to make a variety of hot and cold coffee and tea drinks.

Show a True Passion For Coffee

Anyone can get a cup of coffee at their local fast food place. They go to coffee shops for an elevated experience with a barista who loves the product they sell. Think about it. You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant if the chef didn’t care about food, would you?

Use your resume to demonstrate that you love coffee, and are passionate about product quality. For example, if you blog about coffee, add that to the hobbies and interests section of your resume. If you’ve taken the time to become a certified barista, add that information to the education section of your resume.

Mention Your “Mentions”

A good barista will develop a following, somewhat like a well-respected chef. If you’ve been serving coffee in a larger city, you may have captured the attention of local media and bloggers. Let hiring managers know if you’ve been featured in a local magazine, mentioned in a notable blog, or won any awards.

Address Resume Gaps in Your Interview

Don’t worry if you have gaps in your work history. These won’t necessarily keep you from getting a job. Just know that you will have to provide a reasonable explanation for them when you interview.

What you want to avoid is attempting to awkwardly explain the gap on your resume. If the gap isn’t due to schooling or volunteer work, just don’t mention it in your resume at all. Instead, cover the matter briefly in your cover letter, and offer to provide more info in the interview.

Resume Sample for a Barista (Word version)

Download resume example (.docx)

Barista Resume Example (text version)

Here is a brief example resume for a barista with a few years of industry experience.

Jeremy Williams

123 S. Parker Ave.
Seattle Washington, 90555
@PWilliams (Insta)

Experienced Barista: Seattle Magazine Barista of The Year: Coffee Roasting Expert

Work Experience

Seattle Coffee Works, Pike Place Market (2017 – Present)

Lead Barista/Assistant Manager


  • Verifying the quality of products delivered by vendors and suppliers.
  • Ensuring that proper procedures were followed by opening and closing crew members.
  • QA checking coffee roasting outcomes
  • Preparing and serving a full array of hot and cold coffee and tea beverages
  • Explaining menu items to customers
  • Tracking inventory and reporting shortages to general manager
  • Assisting in the training of both FOH and BOH staff

Koffee Kartel, Seattle Washington (2015 – 2017)

Junior Barista/Baker’s Assistant


  • Assisted in the preparation and cooking of pastries, yeast bread, and dessert items.
  • Attended 15 hours per week of Koffee Kartel barista and whole bean roasting training.
  • Assisted to in house coffee roasters
  • Served a variety of coffee and tea items in support of lead baristas
  • General cleaning and cash handling duties


Seattle Barista Academy (2014)

Certificate of Barista Fundamentals

Studied the principles of brewing coffee, techniques for judging ingredient quality, various coffee pours, foam structure and artistry, steaming milk, grinding techniques, and use of standard coffee house equipment.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Coffee and Seattle Coffee Culture Blogger: [Link to your blog]
  • Contributing Writer: Seattle Times, Lifestyle Magazine

Final Tip: Keep an Eye on The Future!

Two years ago, nobody would have predicted that oat milk or nitro cold brew would be as popular as they are today. Go back another 5 years, and the same could be said about kombucha. What do you think coffee lovers will order in the next year or two? If you’ve learned to create what you believe is an up and coming coffee drink, mention that skill in your resume.

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