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How To Use Social Networking Sites to Land Yourself a Job

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The power of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has grown to be vast and has been very life-changing for millions of people across the world in recent years. So life-changing in fact that people are now using these sites to secure their employment in a dream job or within an industry that they were struggling to get into before.

Even employers are now so social media savvy that when it comes to making a hiring decision, they will often check out candidates online profiles before offering them a job. This is why you have to be so careful about what you post and where you post online. From an employer’s point of view, they would expect a candidate to have a positive and active profile on networks where you would expect people within the industry to hang out and spend their time.

You may well be seriously into online gaming in your spare time, but you wouldn’t use the same profile picture or post the same information to your LinkedIn profile that you share with others on gaming fan pages on Facebook!

Making the most of the time you spend using social media

When you know it is time to get serious in your search for that perfect job, you should first identify the main social media networks that best suit your industry. You may be posting some amazing content on Pinterest, but if this is a network that is not really popular with your industry, you may well be sharing your content where no one of significance will ever see it.

By defining where your peers choose to hang out and posting onto that platform instead, you will be building a positive profile where potential new employers will go to look first when checking out your background and suitability for a job.

Create Positive Online Profiles

No matter which platforms you need to post to when making yourself look attractive to employers, your profile needs to be magnetic. You need to draw in your readers and then deliver them with good quality content. LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world, so you should always ensure you have an up to date and professional looking profile here with a smart and clear head and shoulders profile picture. Employers what to know who they are looking at, so steer clear of using pictures of your cute dog or fluffy cat.

Decide what information you are going to share online. Think about what potential employers will be looking for or will want to know about you. Showcase your skills, qualifications and experience, but never define yourself with a single job title. Labeling yourself with a job title can be a negative sometimes. Potential employers can quickly pigeon hole you into that role without really appreciating the many different skills you may have that would be a good fit for a different role. This is something that anyone wishing to change career must never do. You have to give potential new employers the chance to see you in the role you want rather than the role you have been doing and want to move away from.

Be a real human on social media

Be active on social media. Simply posting a profile and then never visiting the site isn’t going to be enough. You cannot impress anyone if you are never around to engage with them. Having a stale timeline and a dull and empty account is a real turn off for employers who are looking for staff that will actively engage with their team and co-workers, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Take the time to create posts that can show off your thinking and writing skills. Employers want to know that there is a thoughtful and analytical person behind your profile. Showcase your skill-set and post related content that you create to demonstrate your skills and willingness to learn new things.

Follow My Leader

You should pay attention to and follow organizations in your chosen sector to see what they are posting on social media. Keeping up to date with what they are doing or have planned for the future can be valuable information to glean and use to your advantage should you choose to apply to any of these companies for a job in the near future.


The golden rule of using social media platforms to land yourself a job is to never give a potential employer viewing your profile anything to give them doubt. It could be a massive missed opportunity!

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