Say It With Style! A Free Creative Resume Template

say it with style resume

Making it to the “yes” pile is not as easy as you may think. Recruiters spend just a few seconds looking at resumes before deciding which ones need a second and deeper review. A creative resume that doesn’t go overboard can help you going through the first review process successfully. Download this free template now!

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    1. Hi, it definitely works, there has been above 150K successful downloads already. Please make sure to use one of the social share buttons at the bottom of the post (the box with like and tweet) to reveal the download button. Liking or sharing directly on your social media networks won’t help here. Feel free to contact us directly via the contact page with any question you may have.

      1. Yep it does work. I downloaded it just by putting a like so I totally don’t think it’s conning people. Also if you can’t view the downloaded doc I think it’s because you might not have MSword app in your phone.

  1. It doesn’t work. I have shared it on twitter and pressed the download button after but it gives me Zip Win RAR . a lot of files and none of them works.

    1. Hi Arakela, there are 2 files only: the resume template and the documentation compressed in one zipped folder. You just need to extract the files first.

      Feel free to contact us directly via the contact form if you have additional questions.


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