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Is getting a job will be more difficult in 2023?

is getting a job will be more difficult this year

The nature of work is changing, perhaps more now than ever. Job roles are becoming more flexible, with remote working becoming popular. With these changes come different expectations and honing new skill sets. Here are some things to consider about the job market in 2023.

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Remote or hybrid working

Everybody is different, and workplaces may consider the preferences of their employees when determining business operations. It is common for workers to only go into the office a few days a week. Depending on your role, you will need to prepare for the workplace policy that’s in place and how this reflects your needs. When considering a new job, ask about their hybrid working policy and take a critical look at what tasks you will need to perform, as this may be easier either from the home or the office. If this is your first time starting a new job remotely, think about if this will present any challenges for you in establishing a connection with new employees or learning your role. Ask about the induction process and whether you can initially spend more time in the office, especially if you are a social person.

Career changes

People are stopping to consider what they want from their careers. Work/life balance is at the front of mind, with many people choosing to scale back their hours or role and leave jobs they have been in for years.

Skill shortages

Many industries continue to boom, despite employees reconsidering their chosen careers. Increased demand placed on restaurants, bars, and customer-facing roles coupled with people leaving these industries and choosing to travel or have a career break has meant high demand in this area. Other industries with long-term skill shortages predicated are finance/business services, technology/media/telecommunications, and manufacturing.


There is an increased focus on embracing new technology platforms. The expectation is that you can be as effective in a virtual meeting as in person, on-site. Your colleagues might also be based worldwide and working from different time zones. If you are used to face-to-face communication, you may need to change your style to communicating via slack, Kanban, or Microsoft teams.

Your expectations

Consider your next employer carefully. What do you want out of your next role or workplace? If making a career change or moving to a similar role, ensure you have done your research. With more job opportunities, rushing to the next shiny thing might be tempting. Take your time and ensure it is the right fit for you and your next employer. Also, consider your current employer. Conversation with your manager and some tweaks could make your current role your dream one. Getting a job in 2023 will not necessarily be more difficult but there will be some changes to adapt to, at least in the short term.


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