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Gravity – Premium Resume Package

premium resume pack

The Gravity resume template is suitable for those seeking employment in Operational Management, Specialist Trades and Industry positions, Engineering, Construction Management or roles in similar industries. The Gravity Resume comes complete with a matching cover letter to coordinate your application perfectly.

This no-nonsense design has been created specifically to catch the attention of HR staff and recruiters who don’t have a lot of time to spend scanning incoming resumes. This clean and crisp layout has been designed to deliver the exact information that a recruiter is looking for with ease.

The blue header and black banner design is a combination that conveys a feeling of gravity, dependability and trust. The large white space resting below the heading enables you to list and highlight your professional skill set in a clear and easily readable way that allows the eye to travel naturally across the page and absorb your key skills with the very first skim of your resume.

The Gravity resume is fully customizable so you can ensure that you list your strongest skills and experience first to catch the attention of your potential new employer. This ensures that your resume will stand out and make a very impressive first impression.

Each premium resume pack includes:

  • A professionally designed and striking resume template in Word format (US letter size)
  • A matching cover letter in Word format to go with your resume
  • A job interview tracker in print-ready PDF format

Gravity resume set

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