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Essential Tips for More Productive Job Searching

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Time is precious when you are looking for a new job. Even more so if you are already working full-time but want to find better employment. When you are limited to job searching during evenings and weekends, it can often put a lot of extra pressure on your already busy schedule – especially when you have to fit in some important social time with friends and family.

There are no two ways about it. If you want to find that perfect job you need to put the time and effort in to getting it. This can often mean sacrificing precious down-time to spend job searching instead. To make life a little easier for you and to give your life more balance while you search, we have compiled a few tips that you may find helpful.

1. Make use of smartphone apps

If you spend time commuting to and from work each day by train or other public transport, then utilise this travel time by conducting a few searches through your smartphone. Most job sites are now mobile-ready. You can access recruitment agencies and job sites during your commute by train, bus, tube, taxi or tram.

Obviously, this is something that you cannot do while at work. Most employers will frown upon you doing this, but there is no stopping you from conducting mobile job searches while travelling to and from work, or even during your lunch break if you decide to go and sit in the park for your lunch hour each day. This can all add up to quite a lot of hours of productive searching over the week or whole month!

2. Make use of good job search apps

Modern technology has seen great advances in app development. Well-crafted apps are a lot quicker to load than more traditional desktop sites that you access via your smartphone or tablet. Recruitment sites are now well aware that the majority of their audience will be accessing their sites through mobile apps over any other form of access. They are now engineering apps that will allow people to access their job feed while on the go.

This means that current and new job search apps have a shorter loading time than before and have an easy to access and navigate interface that is compatible with multiple devices. This has taken the frustration out of conducting job searches on the go and it is now easier than ever to access jobs boards and subscribe to the latest live job feeds.

free pink resume3. Adapt your Resume to suit your searches

Gone are the days when you painstakingly crafted your resume and gave it out to every potential employer and recruiter. These days you need to tailor your resume to fit in with each individual position you apply for.

Rather than start from scratch each time you need to amend your resume or need to add some fresh information following some skills training course or work experience, why not structure your resume in a way that only certain areas will need to be revised and amended for each application you make.

Here are some tips about tailoring your resume template to fit your searches:

  • Your personal statement is the section where you want to sell yourself to your potential new employer. Making a positive impression here is important and will often be the deciding factor about whether your resume makes it to the interview pile or the reject pile. You should include any personal achievements you are proud of in here. Let the potential employer see a glimpse of your personality and what sort of person you are.
  • Always put your most recent job first. If you start at the beginning with your very first job, your potential employer may not be very interested in the fact that you had a Saturday job in a fast food restaurant. They will be more interested in what you have been doing most recently. In other words, what skills you are bringing with you to the table.
  • Look at what skills and experience you have gained that make you a specialist in your industry. When applying for a job in the same industry that you currently work in, your potential new employer will be looking at your expertise and how that would fit in well with their team and how what you bring could enhance their performance or productivity. Do you have skills that could fill a current gap? Can you offer something that they don’t already have?
  • Remember that your potential employer will only spend about two minutes scanning over and reading your resume before making a decision. Put all your relevant and related experience, training and education into easy to read sections that makes it simple for the reader to pick out as they skim over the area.
  • Finish off your resume with your personal interests, but don’t make this section too wordy. Potential employers like to see the human side of job candidates. It is good to draw up a short list of your interests and hobbies, countries you have travelled to etc. This can demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual with a good work-life balance and that you would be a valuable team member.

Freesumes can help you here. We have a wide range of stylish and professionally crafted resume templates that you can download for free and then complete, edit and amend as you need to. Take a look at our free template selections by clicking here. All of our resume templates are easy to download in MS Word and are completely customizable.

4. Check out your dream employers on LinkedIn

If you have a desire to work for a particular company or are interested in a number of businesses that look like an appealing match for your skills, then follow those businesses on LinkedIn.

Following businesses is a good way to discover more about. This can give you more of an insight into how they run things over there. It is perfectly fine to follow a company if you have a desire to work there, and even when you apply for a position within the company you may already be known to them through LinkedIn. Many companies will check potential candidates LinkedIn profiles to see if they are a suitable fit for the business before offering them an interview so make sure your profile is up-to-date and looks professional.

Quite often you may find individual members from a company you are interested in that have LinkedIn accounts. In some cases it is OK to follow a company individual as long as your interactions with them are kept professional. The last thing you want is to come over as too intense or enthusiastic as this may spoil your chances of being invited for interview when you apply. There is a fine line between following someone on LinkedIn and stalking them!

Connecting through LinkedIn is also a perfect opportunity to talk about your relevant experience and skills. It is also a good opportunity to forward a copy of your resume for them to look at. This could stand you in good stead for the interview stage as they company will already be familiar with you.

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