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6 Best Online Teaching Jobs to Pitch For

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With students at every level moving to remote and hybrid learning, there’s an increased demand for online teachers. So much so that US-based parents are highly willing to hire online tutors from abroad as the Wall Street Journal recently reported. So no matter where you are based, there’s a good chance that you can easily land an online teaching job. Your job search success boils down to several factors: your talent for teaching, your credentials, and the type of teaching jobs you fancy. We’ve got you covered with the latter! Here are six amazing online teaching jobs worth considering!

1. Language Learning Tutor

You can find online ESL teaching jobs through many sources. In fact, online English teaching jobs may be the most popular option in this category. Qualifications may vary from one provider to another, but for the most part, you’ll need:

  • A 4-year degree.
  • Native or near-native English speaking skills.
  • A friendly personality.
  • A reliable computer, camera, and internet connection.

If you have these things, you should consider applying to one of the many, online English tutoring platforms that are serving students today. Some of the popular ones are Italiki, Preply, and GoGoKid.   

2. Online College Teaching

It seems as if more colleges and universities are moving to e-learning. This is likely to be the case for quite some time now. But that’s good news for you! There are more online university teaching jobs than ever! Further, many of these jobs are not location dependent. You have some great options out there. Get on Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, or FlexJobs to scoop for options!

Of course, the same qualifications apply. Most universities require an advanced degree and some teaching experience. If you meet those requirements, it’s time to polish off your resume, your cover letter, and start filling job applications. 

3. K-12 Online Teaching Specialist

Of course, schools are hiring professionals who can handle the demands of online instruction. However, that isn’t your only option for K-12 online teaching jobs. Many districts also need extra tutors, online curriculum specialists, and hybrid learning coordinators.

In addition to that, many families are hiring extra help as well. Working parents may need assistants who can use Zoom to help their children throughout the school day if they struggle with their work. In some cases, parents are forming homeschooling learning pods and mini-schools. They often hire instructors or facilitators to help run things. This opens up another opportunity for skilled teachers who are also tech-savvy.

Again, look for fresh postings on job search websites or ask around locally. 

4. Academic Tutoring

High school and college students are no longer able to meet in person with their instructors or go to the student center for academic help. That’s causing a pretty major demand for academic tutors who can work online.

Just keep in mind that many students may require more intensive assistance from online tutors. Of course, this could be a good thing for you as it could make this work a bit more lucrative!

You can find part-time academic tutoring gigs on platforms such as or University Tutor, as well as traditional job boards. 

5. Specialty Training and Tutoring

Have you spent the past several months learning to bake bread, crochet, or how to master a new language? You certainly aren’t alone. Many people have pursued new hobbies, and committed to learning new skills. Chances are, you went online to YouTube, Lynda, SkillShare, or any other number of online learning platforms to pick up some new skills.

teach baking online

Now consider doing the reverse: joining an online platform to teach someone else a skill you know. The big appeal of creating and publishing an online course is that you can have multiple income streams by offering live online sessions along with pre-recorded training.

6. Corporate Training

As you might imagine, a lot of corporate training has gone online as well. If this is your niche, now may be the time to start pitching to new clients. You could also begin planning and creating webinars, training videos, and other content that you can deliver over the Internet. This could help you to increase your revenue now, and continue earning passive income in the future.

How to Find Online Teaching Positions

If you search for your specialty, it shouldn’t take long for you to find available positions online. You can also find remote teaching jobs through any variety of job websites. Don’t forget to check with your local schools, libraries, colleges, and community centers. There is every chance that you will learn of multiple open positions and opportunities. 

You might also offer your services through online classified ads, college and university social media groups, and platforms like NextDoor. It may even be time to put up your own tutoring website or create a social media presence.

Final Thoughts

Home-based online teaching jobs were once limited to tutoring gigs and the occasional internet based course. Today, this is a field that is full of opportunities. Even more exciting is that there may not be an end to the emerging gigs. Many people are realizing the value of online learning, and have plans to continue to pursue these options in the future. Now may be the perfect time to take your teaching interests entirely online!


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