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6 Ways to Stay Happy in the Workplace

happy at workplace

Keeping yourself happy at work can be the key to not only sustain your productivity and the quality of the work you produce, but it can also help keep you motivated and improve your mental health and well-being.

Maintaining a positive and happy attitude throughout the working day can also make the time feel like it is passing more quickly and helps you to better appreciate the company of your work colleagues.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can help keep yourself happy in the workplace and why they work to improve your mood and boost a positive attitude in others too!

Lend a helping hand

Helping someone else that needs a hand every now and then can be a great move. We all know one or two of our work colleagues that struggle on occasion with a regular task or a short deadline. Helping them out can build a level of trust and appreciation between you that can really nurture and sustain a positive working relationship. Even if you cannot physically help them with a task or issue, you can be kind and bring them some food or a refreshing cup of tea to help revive their spirits. A little thing such as this can really help both you and your co-worker to feel happier.

Share lunch with your work colleagues

We all lead very busy lives, so it is not uncommon for us to take off during our lunch break for a mad dash around town to pay bills, top up our phones or pick up some food for our dinner in the evening. However, even if you can spare a couple of lunch breaks to spend with your work colleagues during the week, you will find that they are often very different people outside of work. You could end up discovering a workmate shares the same passions and interests as you – and you never knew it! You could try getting several of your colleagues together for a regular lunch one day per week outside of the office. This would be a great chance for you to let you hair down and get to know the people you spend so many hours with so much better.

Can the office gossip

Every office has its fair share of gossip circulating. But just because you may hear it doesn’t mean that you have to spread it around. The thing about gossip is that you are never 100% sure if it is true or not. Rather than worry that you are spreading false rumors or saying something not nice about a person that may be totally unfounded, try to refrain from spreading what you hear whispered at the water cooler or in the staff room. This will make you feel much better about yourself and will show others that you can be someone that can be trusted to keep secrets and can go to for advice.

Give compliments where they are due

It is a common fact that workers don’t get much recognition for their work while everything is going well. Bosses and management will often pick up on the negatives and make a effort to point them out in the hope that they will not be repeated, but how often do workers get praised for doing things well in the hope of it continuing? Not often. So why not help improve the mood of the workplace by giving your workmates a nice confidence boost when they deserve it! If you treat others well and give praise and complements when it is deserved, they are more likely to do the same for you in return. Complements don’t have to be grand gestures. It can be as simple as saying that you liked their idea or suggestion they made during a meeting.

Practice Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness is all about living in the now and appreciating your surroundings and what is happening at this moment in time. When you have a coffee break, take five minutes to close your eyes and practice some deep breathing. Focus on clearing your mind of your to-do list and listen out for bird song coming from outside, or simply focus on your cup of coffee. Appreciate every sip and enjoy the aroma as you breathe it in. Clearing your head and calming your mind like this even for five short minutes can help you bounce back to work feeling happy and ready to tackle your tasks with a positive mind.

Bring a piece of home with you

It is common for people to bring in a photo frame from home to keep on their desk. This can give them something to focus on and make them smile at times when they might start to feel a bit stressed.

Bringing in a piece of home like this can prove very useful for keeping your spirits up and improving your mood.

It need not be a photo either. You can bring in anything that reminds you of a happy time, such as a seashell you picked up off a beach on a lovely relaxing holiday, or funny little desk ornament that your best friend got for you because she thought it would make you laugh.

It can be easy to stay happy at work with a few simple positive tips and tricks. Even smiling at everyone you meet and saying hello can be very infectious and can put a smile on their face too!

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  1. I find that music helps to keep my spirits up. I find that listening often helps me to focus on my work more easily. Although I do stick with instrumental music without lyrics so I don’t get distracted.

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