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Should You Use a Recruitment Agency to help Further your Career?

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Whether you are feeling a bit stuck in a rut at work and can see no good career progression opportunities ahead for you, or you know for sure that your job is going nowhere, should you consider using a recruitment agency to help give your flagging career a bit of a leg-up?

Firstly, let us take a look at some of the benefits of finding a new job through a recruitment agency. They can offer individuals great opportunities, whether you are looking for a career boost or you are re-entering the workforce after a break. You will see why it can be a great idea to use the services of a professional recruitment agency.

Flexible career opportunities

A lot of forward thinking recruitment agencies have realized that the face of the modern workplace is rapidly changing. This has meant moving away from the traditional 9-5, Monday to Friday office hours in recent years that used to be standard practice in most workplaces. Instead, modern recruitment agencies are now more accommodating towards flexible working arrangements.

Having more flexible working patterns means that those wishing to return to work after taking a career break to raise their children for a few years can now find high-quality jobs that offer more flexibility for them to work around their children’s needs.

Most employers used to take an ‘all or nothing’ approach about offering positions in their company. You either had to return full-time or not at all in most cases. This often resulted in the company losing out because they were losing valuable workers with years of knowledge and experience and then face having to train up other staff members to achieve the same level of competence as the previous team member.

A lot of part-time work in years gone past was also created to fulfill more low-level tasks where the staff member was never really challenged or even valued or appreciated for their contribution. Many parents returning to work after a break and looking for part-time hours were expected to take lower grade jobs or suffer a cut to their salary as a consequence.

Luckily, things have changed a lot these days and most large employers are taking on highly qualified and experienced staff in responsible roles that now offer more flexibility to accommodate the needs of their family commitments. This can include job-share positions and roles that allow you to work part of the week from home so you get a better work/life balance.

Identifying suitable roles

Another positive benefit from using a recruitment agency is that many will help you to find and apply for a more suitable role. Modern recruitment agencies go a step further by supporting you throughout the whole process of finding a new job to you getting settled into your new role. They can often be there to help you with your CV and interview techniques as well as help negotiate a good salary or flexible working conditions to go into your employment contract.

With a professional recruitment agency at your side, you can ensure that your job seeking efforts are conducted thoroughly. Even if you come out of an interview and are convinced you fluffed it up because you forgot to mention something important, your agency will be able to follow up your interview by contacting the client and filling in any blanks you think you missed. This can help the employer to get a clear overview of your skills and experience, even those that you forgot to mention due to interview nerves or lack of time.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd

As a recruitment agency, they are there to help their clients find the right job candidate. The job market is a very competitive environment, especially at the moment, so it does pay you to work closely with your recruitment agency to put your best front forward. With an average corporate job vacancy attracting 250 applicants, it is the job of the recruitment agency to whittle down potential applicants to get a shortlist of around three to five people that they could take to the client for their consideration.

Remember that it is a recruiters role to find the best possible candidates for a client, not to find a job for every candidate they have on their books. You should never take it personally if you get overlooked for a position because it is a very challenging business. What you can do is to ensure that you have perfected your CV and that it comes over as clear, informative and concise.

To do this it would be wise to use an impressive looking, professional CV template that has been put together to create a positive impact. Using a well-crafted CV template will save you lots of time preparing your CV, but it will also act as a visual reminder or prompt to ensure you include all of your relevant information that a recruiter is looking for.

Get useful feedback

Should you be rejected for a job that you consider perfect for you, seek some feedback from the recruitment agency to find out any weak areas that you can focus on improving. This can help you to polish up your knowledge and experience and make you stand out better from the crowd for your next interview.

Professional recruitment agencies carry a lot of industry knowledge, so take advantage of their advice and guidance to help further your career. They know exactly what their clients and other employers are looking for in a candidate. They can be your secret weapon for helping you boost your career opportunities and keep you climbing your career ladder.

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