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Using Positive Affirmations to Help you through a Job Interview

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We all know that job interviews can be nerve-wracking events that can cause us to spend days in a state of high anxiety. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can use to help you to mentally prepare yourself for your interview, as well as boost your self-confidence and make you feel good!

You only need to look towards our most successful sports people to see how they use positive affirmations to give them a sporting edge and to help beat the nerves when they are performing in a big game or match. Positive affirmations can not only help to focus the mind and quieten down negative thoughts, but they can help to give you a physical boost too!

Repeating affirmations can make your stand tall and improve your posture. The concentration and repetition of positive words can make you breath deeper and walk with more confidence. This is precisely what you need for when you step through the door of your job interview.

Let’s look at Mo Farah for example. In his early days as a runner he admits he was quite a nervous soul who looked around at his competition on the day and would resign himself to taking third or fourth position – even before the race had actually started! Once he started using positive affirmations and changed his mindset to one of a winner, he quickly started to win over his competition.

The same can apply to you when you are preparing for your job interview. There can be nothing more excruciating than sitting in a waiting room lined up with the other job candidates. Who hasn’t looked around to eye-up the competition and felt immediately intimidated by who you found there.

Getting mentally prepared for your interview

The key here is to start your interview preparation well in advance of your actual interview date. Once you get your mind into a better state, you will not even notice that there are any other candidates there. Your main goal is to not only stay focused while you wait, but stay focused on winning. Turn up to your interview like you have already won the race. You are there to simply confirm the details of your appointment.

One way you can mentally prepare yourself for your interview is to start using positive affirmations as soon as possible. You can use these affirmations, or positive statements, to repeat to yourself over again. Your affirmations can help you to focus your mind, quieten the chatter in your head and rid you of negative thoughts and worries.

You must always speak your affirmations in the present tense. So for example, say that you are a successful person, not that you ‘will-be’ a successful person. Anything less would mean that you are not currently a success, and that is a negative for your mind to dwell on.

Repetition is key

Repetition of your most positive statements is the key here. The more that you repeat your affirmations, the more that the brain will listen and believe what you are saying rather than anything else. The idea is to drown out those negative voices in your head that can cause you to doubt yourself.

In the same way that top sports stars use positive affirmations as part of their training, you will also use the same techniques every single day. To get to the top of their sport and to stay there, successful athletes never take a day off from training – both physically and mentally.

Positive affirmation examples

Your positive affirmations should be entirely personal and meaningful to you. However, to get you started, here are some examples that you may choose to use or adapt to suit your own needs. Remember that you must repeat these regularly every day for them to become effective. By the time your job interview rolls around you should have a completely focused and positive mindset – one that is the same as a top athlete who has set out to win!

  • I am smart and confident. Job interviews are a breeze.
  • I am the perfect candidate for this role. No one is better than me.
  • I am calm and energised. My enthusiasm is contagious.
  • I stand out from others. I am the perfect candidate.
  • I handle interviews with ease. I am focused and engaged.

Always remember that you are here to win your interview. Treat it like a sporting match where only the best player wins the game.

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