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Substitute teachers must have a combination of core teaching skills and extra patience to successfully navigate the employment. They should also have a solid application package, kept ready and updated, to send over to the school district anytime a new position comes up. 

As your cover letter is going to be the hiring manager’s first impression of you, it is vital that you write well. But where do you begin? This post provides a working substitute teacher cover letter sample you can easily customize based on your experience. Then we share some extra helpful tips! 

Cover Letter Sample for a Substitute Teacher (Word version)

substitute teacher cover letter example

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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Example (text version)

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am writing this letter in regards to the posting I saw that advertised your search for a substitute teacher at Applewood Elementary School. As an educator who is both experienced and passionate about instilling curiosity about natural sciences in the minds of the young, I would like to express my interest in this position. As the job post mentions, you are seeking out a candidate who exhibits positivity and enthusiasm and can bring much-needed energy into the classroom. I believe that I am an excellent fit for this position since I have these personality traits and significant teaching experience.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that each student is capable of success, and will always work hard to bring inspiration into the classroom to help them learn. I understand that as a substitute teacher I will be met with unique challenges that are associated with stepping in when a colleague is unable to fulfill their duties. Whether that be learning how to understand the course materials that are currently being taught, or gaining the respect of a classroom of students that are unfamiliar with me, I understand that as a substitute teacher I will have to be flexible as a lot has to be accomplished on my end at very short notice. 

I believe that due to my adaptive nature and flexibility I am well-prepared to face the challenges that come with being a substitute educator. My relaxed yet energetic nature helps to ensure that I am kept calm under constant pressure. I can quickly think on my feet and maneuver through the individual needs of the many types of students in the classroom. In previous areas that I have worked in, I have managed classrooms with very few issues. When the occasional problem made itself clear I always ensured that it was handled fairly and effectively.

I hope that I have effectively illustrated my skills and that you will find my qualifications and experience to be suited well for the substitute teacher position. I look forward to speaking with you more about how else my qualifications may bring positivity to your school. Thank you again for your consideration. 

Mary Smith

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How to Write a Substitute Teacher Cover Letter 

The above cover letter sample provides a general sense of direction. The candidate strengthens both her motivation and personal qualities, as well as showcases a deep understanding of the position.

To deliver a similar sentiment in your letter and make a mark with your application, follow these extra tips! 

Always Write a Personalized Cover Letter 

Never apply for a substitute teaching job with a generic cover letter. Yes, writing a customized cover letter for each application may sound tedious, but the effort pays off. By adding some school- or position-specific details, you show the employer that you did your homework and feel truly interested in working at their establishment. 

To write a personalized cover letter for a substitute teaching cover letter, do several simple things:

  • Use the hiring manager’s name (more on this in a bit)
  • Mention some school-specific projects
  • Drop a connection (if you have one)
  • Address the type of population the school caters to 

Always Use The Hiring Managers Name

Adding to the level of personalization address the hiring manager by name if you can get that information. This is a step most people necessarily skip in favor of more generic greetings such as “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager” which all too often sound stiff and generic. 

While going to this level isn’t always necessary it shows that you genuinely care about the position as well as getting to know your future co-workers. If you are unable to find out who your cover letter is going to directly try and address your cover letter to someone with a specific title such as “Human Resources Director”. 

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Focus on Your Most Relevant Experience

Make sure to highlight relevant experiences in your field of expertise. After all, you wouldn’t talk about having years of experience as a baseball umpire while attempting to get a job at a shoe store. 

Make sure to carefully read the job description for keywords based on the requirements of the position you are applying for. Then take the time to illustrate how you can deliver those requirements. For example, if the job ad mentions any “nice-to-haves” and you happen to possess those skills, give them more prominent placement in your letter. 

You can write something like this: 

“The job ad mentioned that your school has several students with special learning needs. Last month, I have completed my certification for working with children with disabilities. I’m also fluent in sign language.” 

Final Tip: Emphasize Classroom Management

The most important skill for any substitute teacher is going to be classroom management. You must be able to step into a situation that may be chaotic and unpredictable. So be sure to talk about your ability to rally in the kids and show that you have strong emotional intelligence skills that allow you to personally cope with stress and show empathy and understanding towards others.


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