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Have you been Spooked by the Company Ghost?

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If you have been around the block when it comes to dating, then you will know what ghosting is all about. You meet someone new and the date goes well, but then for no reason whatsoever you never hear from them again. Unfortunately, ghosting can also occur when you are job searching too.

How many job interviews have you attended where it has been a really positive experience and you leave feeling really enthusiastic about the job only to then be ghosted by the company? Most of us have been there at one point or another.

Silence isn’t golden

It can be so very frustrating for you as candidate to have an interview go well, but then not hear back from the company. In some cases where the candidate has high hopes of being offered the job on the back of their interview performance, they will turn down other job offers that come their way. This can happen if the job you want is the most perfect fit for you and you felt sure that you picked up a positive vibe at interview that you would be accepted.

Unlike the dating world when you get ghosted, you can get some answers from the company post-interview about their decision making. You can even help to reduce ghosting from happening in the first place.

Lets take a closer look at how to handle these tricky situations.

Before you leave the interview

When you have had a positive interview and it is drawing to a conclusion, before you get up to leave, take a minute to ask one last question. Ask your interviewer if they have any doubts or worries about putting you through to the next stage of the process.

The one positive thing about doing this is to give yourself one last opportunity to resolve any concerns that the interviewer has. This is nearly impossible to do once you have left the interview, so take this advantage now while you have their direct attention.

It could be that the interviewer didn’t quite understand one of your answers, or doesn’t think you have the right skills or experience for a certain aspect of the job. Giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns directly to you will allow you to fill in the blanks and reassure them that you are very qualified for the role. This can help to prevent the company from ghosting you after the interview.

Confirm the next steps

Before you leave your interview you should also make sure you know exactly what the next steps are to take. It is worth asking who the next person will be to contact and ask for their contact details. This means that you will be able to swiftly follow up your interview with the next link in the chain to help keep things moving forward.

Follow up your interview

You should never leave a wall of silence between you and the company after your interview. Follow up your interview swiftly with a thank-you card or note. You may think that sending a hand-written card or note in to the interviewer will not guarantee you a second interview, but it does serve to leave a positive afterthought in their minds. It will also help them to remember you better when they are deciding who to ask to come back in for a second interview.

Even if you don’t land that particular position, your follow up thank you note or card can leave a positive lasting impression on the employer. Should a similar position open up in the near future, you may well find yourself being invited back to interview for that role without actually having to apply for the job directly.

Get back in contact

If you have followed up your interview with a thank you note or card, but some time has elapsed since then, it is time to get back in contact. It may be that the interview process is taking longer than expected, the interviewer has fallen ill and has taken time off sick, or they have a lot of people on their list to reply to.

Don’t be afraid to call or email. It is a very reasonable thing to do in the workplace, especially when applying for a job and you have been offered work with someone else in the meantime. A simple call to the company may get you your yes or no answer in a couple of minutes, then you are free to move on knowing the outcome.

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