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free clean cv layout

Clean and Simple. Sometimes, this type of resume is your best bet. If you have minimal experience or only a couple of long-term employment entries, this professional resume template may be perfect. It allows you to craft a profile that summarizes your career and value to an organization. Also, it provides a space for you to list your employment experience and your educational/training credentials. In fact, the template itself provides an outline for you to easily follow when writing your resume.

One thing that you must be mindful of: your resume will be screened for keywords before it passes muster and is sent on for further review. Use the job posting to capture those keywords and get them into your resume, along with other powerful words that relate to your career experience and skills.

There are several options with this template, including the ability to add your photo. But it will not provide for lots of “flashy” elements. It is the perfect resume for a “no frills” job posting that allows a potential employer to see your background and qualifications at a glance.

Also available in premium version. Check it out.

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