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Signs it is Time to Change Your Job

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There’s such a thing as changing your job too often. But there are also times when you can stay in a job too long. Knowing how to find the center ground between these two can be difficult. There are signs, however, that the time has come to consider changing your job and here are some to watch for.

Signs that it is time for a change

There are lots of signs that can continue to the need for a change while at other times, they are merely part of life. That’s why it is a very personal thing, deciding when the point has been reached and a change is needed. Here are some signs that could mean that point is drawing near.

1. You are stressed and can’t let go

If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed and worried about your job, the project you are working on or other aspects of your professional life, this can be a sign a change is needed. Stress is a natural part of life and can work as a motivator. But if it goes too far and you find yourself constantly stressed, unable to relax or to take a mental break from your job, then this is too much stress and isn’t healthy for you.

2. Management problems

A wide Gallup study of 7,272 U.S. adults found that nearly 50% of people report the main reason for leaving their job is “to get away from their manager”. Bad management is a huge problem that can ruin your enjoyment of your job. From grumpy or rude managers to those who micro-manage you at every stage, there is a whole spectrum of bad management that can indicate to you that it is time to move on.

3. You are underpaid

One in three people says that being underpaid is the top reason they are considering leaving their job or are involved in job searching. It may be something as simple as constantly doing unpaid overtime or you may find that you are getting paid significantly less than someone doing the same job as you. Whatever the case, if you are underpaid and your boss won’t consider a pay raise or increase in benefits, this may be a sign.

4. There’s no career advancement path

Most of us will want to advance our careers, whether into a higher position or into a different, more specialist area of the company. But if you are in a role that doesn’t have this capacity and there’s no career advancement path, you may come to a point where looking for another job is your only option if you want to do something different with your work life. Of course, if you are happy, there’s nothing to say you can’t stay put – some people put happiness above career advancement and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

5. You can’t be yourself at work

When we are at work, we are often the most professional version of ourselves. But if you feel you have to become someone entirely different and not be yourself at work then this is a sign of a problem.

You should be able to be yourself with your work colleague in most ways without feeling uncomfortable, out of place or even facing hostility.

6. You can’t take time off

It isn’t just a good idea to take time off, it is important for your physical and mental health. But if you feel you can’t take time off or get too stressed when you do, this is a sign of a problem. If you dread the weekend because you didn’t get everything done and can’t relax or you don’t take time off when you are due it, this is a sign that the job is taking too much out of you and a change may be needed.

7. You dread Monday (or the start of the week)

We all joke about the Monday blues or the worst day of the week. But if it becomes more than a joke and is a regular part of your life, this isn’t a good situation. If you dread Monday and spend all Sunday in a gloom because it is coming, you may want to consider changing your job.

Making a change

If you are affected by these signs or symptoms, then it may be time to make a change. It doesn’t need to be a major declaration of intent – simply get your CV out, polish it up with your latest accomplishments and start looking for jobs. Then you can personalize it for the role you desire, start making those connections and get away from a job that isn’t working for you anymore.

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