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A Strong Resume Example for Medical Assistants to Help You Advance Your Career

sample resume for medical assistants

If you are seeking a job as a medical assistant, you are in one of two places: you have either just graduated from your studies or you are already in the field and looking for a better position.

In either case, you will want to go about your job search in a careful, organized fashion and, of course, have an amazing resume that will make a potential employer put you in the pile for “further consideration.” As you may or may not know, a resume usually gets about eight seconds of review before it is either trashed or placed in a very small stack of “possible candidates”. Hence, you need to squeeze out the max out of those eight seconds!

Here you will find a few tips to help your job search and a resume example for medical assistants that is sure to impress!

Essential Tips for Medical Job Search

Some of these tips will relate only to those who are at the entry level. Others will be for both entry-level and experienced candidates.

Read every job posting very carefully

It is easy to fall into the trap of just applying for every position opening, whether qualified or not. This is time-consuming and a waste of energy. If a position requires a minimum of 5 years’ experience, and you are looking for your first job, this one is obviously not for you.

Look for Keywords

With digital scanning, machines are looking for certain keywords in resumes, as a first screening, before sending them forward for human review. If, for example, a posting calls for skill in EMR software, or EKG certification, or experience training new hires, then those are things you will want to highlight on your resume, preferably as close to the top as possible.

Make a List of Any Relevant Experience

If you are looking for an entry-level position, then you have no work experience. However, anything you have done that is related should be highlighted on your resume. Did you work part-time in a nursing home while in school? Did you complete an internship or externship (most medical assistant training programs provide for one or the other)? Obviously, you will have to focus on the task responsibilities in these positions.

List Certifications, Awards, etc. Separately

These should be in a separate section for easy reading by a reviewer. Putting them in within the context of your work/relevant experience means they will get “lost.” You want the resume reader’s eyes to be drawn to them – put them in bold and bullet list them.

Network, Network, Network

As you begin your search, make a list of everyone you know already practicing in the field. Let them know you are for hire. Often, they will know of positions that are coming available or can recommend you within their network of contacts.

Use the Career Service at Your School

This hardly bears mentioning. Many job postings are sent to schools, if an organization is looking for an entry-level person. Be sure that, during the last few months of your schooling, you are a “frequent flyer” to this office.

That’s not it. Our team has prepared even more amazing resume examples you should definitely check out!

Use a Medical Field Recruiter

Healthcare is a growing field, especially as populations age and people live longer. As this field grows, so do recruitment firms that have departments specializing in it. Just be certain that you use one that does not require a fee from you to launch your job search.

Medical Assistants Resume Sample (Word version)

resume example for medical assistants

Download resume example (.docx)

A Resume Example for Medical Assistants (text version)

Here is a sample resume that an entry-level candidate might use. Note that it highlights each section separately, to allow a reviewer to get a quick, clear picture of the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Susan M. Wilson
3905 Spadafore Drive
Warren, PA 16365

Recent graduate of XYZ Medical Assistant Institute who brings the most current and advanced technologies and practices to a healthcare organization.


  • EKG Certification
  • EEG Certification
  • Phlebotomy Certification
  • OneTouchEmr Software certification
  • 3.8 GPA – Dean’s List
  • Student-of-the-Year Award, 2018

Work Experience     

Internship: XYZ Medical Practice, 2/2018 – 5/2018
Patient intake; blood draws; administered EKG’s and EEG’s; data entry into EMR system; inoculations; patient prep for procedures. Praised for administrative work (scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records and bookkeeping).

Part-Time Employment: XYZ Extended Care, 2016-2018
Monitored vitals; bathed patients; collected patient blood samples in a safe, sanitary manner, performed general housekeeping tasks; transported patients throughout facility.


Associates Degree • XYZ Medical Assistant Inst., 5/2018

  • Completed three-year certification program for CMA degree.
  • Overall GPA, 3.8; Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Leadership Positions/Certifications

  • President, local chapter of AAMA, 2016-2018
  • NHA Medical Assistant Certification, 2018
  • School Representative at the National AAMA Conference, 2017 and 2018


Your resume does not have to be a lengthy document, so long as you are careful about focusing on the specific position opening, highlight those skills that specifically relate, and cover your achievements. In fact, hiring managers appreciate resumes no longer than one page in length. They can always gather much more detail during the interview. Keep it short and simple.

sample medical assistant resume


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