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Persuasive Project Manager Cover Letter Example With Writing Tips

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A business wants to make sure everything will go smoothly when investing money and human resources into important projects. It’s the project manager (PM) who ensures that all checklist items get completed “on time and within budget”

Hence, successful project managers need to display a robust mix of technical and soft skills. 

So naturally, most of the project management interview questions are aimed at evaluating those. 

Yet, to land that interview you first need to get selected. A persuasive cover letter is your instrument for making that happen. Use the below sample project manager cover letter as a reference for writing an attention-grabbing version for yourself! 

Project Manager Cover Letter Example (Word)

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Project Manager Cover Letter (plain text)

Hello Jason Lawrence,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Senior Project Manager at Elite Craft Beverages. I learned about this position after meeting your Operations Director, Marcus Welch at the Regional Food and Beverage Industry Conference earlier this month. His explanation of the role and my subsequent research makes me believe that I will be a strong addition to your team. 

First, a bit about my background. I am currently employed as a Lead Project Manager at Davis Restaurant Group. I have worked there for five years, but have more than a decade of experience as a project manager in adjacent industries. I have led a variety of projects in the areas of information technology, operations, and mergers & acquisitions prior to switching to the hospitality industry. This includes successfully executing and closing out projects with budgets in excess of $5M.

The combination of my professional training (MA in Project Management + Agile Coach Certification) and past work experience has shaped me into a well-rounded professional, capable of delivering positive business outcomes:

  • Performed a rescue mission for a side-tracked vendor management software development project, which led to a 6-month reduction in timelines and a 15% decrease in budget overruns. 
  • Worked with change management and transition teams to implement a new procurement process from an international network of 50+ suppliers.  
  • Optimized supply chain planning to minimize the “bullwhip effect” and speed up delivery of critical ingredients by 35%. 

Elite Craft Beverages has gone through some exciting changes in the past 12 months and emerged as a leader in the luxury food and beverage space. I’m excited at the opportunity to join your organization, particularly as the company plans to create a presence in the European market. I believe my experience with global remote teams will be exceptionally valuable during that process.

If possible, I would like to move forward with this quickly. I’ve included my resume and arranged to clear my afternoon schedule for the next month. I look forward to hearing from you and will follow up with a call early next week.


Kathleen Busch

How to Write a Project Manager Cover Letter 

PMs are strong oral and written communicators. They know how to persuade and negotiate. Your cover letter should serve as a demonstration of those skills. 

Assume a confident tone and build a quick case for hiring you by presenting your core skills, achievements, and outcomes you could deliver for the new employer. To frame a compelling narrative, apply the following tips. 

Show You Have Done Your Research

Don’t write your cover letter until you have carefully researched the company and the position. Then, find a way to use what you’ve discovered in your cover letter. For example, you could mention some recent news, or indicate that you can be of help during an upcoming project. Or hint at your early steps in the role. Show that you can be of immediate use and are ready to dive into action. 

Use Meaningful Numbers

A cover letter allows you to exemplify some of your management, leadership, and organizational skills and successes as a project manager. However, it’s easy for anyone to make claims of being a “time-management expert” or “skillful administrator”. To make your cover letter sound more credible, you need to use real numbers. These help you quantify your achievements and make it easier for the reader to picture the true impact of your work. 

Format Your Cover Letter for Readability 

You will want the hiring manager to read certain points in your cover letter. There’s just one problem. Most people won’t read your cover letter from start to finish. Instead, they’ll skim it in search of relevant information. You have to make sure they see that information. 

How do you do this? Try using bold print or bulleted lists! These will attract the reader’s eyes to the right details!

Use Important Keywords

Keywords are standout words and phrases that the hiring manager (or applicant tracking software) may be looking for in your cover letter. You can often find these in the job listing. They may indicate you have particular skills or experience. 

Here’s a quick example of cover letter and resume-worthy keywords from a job description on Indeed: 

project manager job description

Add all applicable knowledge and qualification describers to your cover letter to improve your chances of landing an interview.

Final Tip: Add a Personal Connection

It never hurts to have a personal connection to the company or the person reading your cover letter. Did someone recommend the job to you? Have you met the hiring manager at an industry event? Mention this to make your cover letter even more personalized.


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